Where Were Americans Indians Sent To Live When Their Land Was Taken Away And Where Was It Located (2023)

Social Studies Middle School


Answer 1

They were sent to reservations.

Answer 2

the answer is reservations

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Why did Renaissance humanists think that people should study classical works? A.
People could improve their earthly lives.

People could gain knowledge that would lead to a revival of the Roman Empire.

Reading classical works would make religious traditions less important.

Reading classical works would deepen one's religious faith.

Which Renaissance artist was known for his painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

Leonardo da Vinci

Bernardo Luini


Dante Alighieri


Michelangelo painted that


A and Michelangelo


What is judicial restraint all i need is 5 sentences


Judicial restraint is the philosophy that judges and justices should defer to written legislation whenever possible, if it is not in conflict with the Constitution. A justice who uses judicial restraint tends to take a narrower view of the Constitution and does not attempt to broaden the definition of Amendments to fit a particular social or political agenda. The opposite of judicial restraint is judicial activism.

What was the result of a revival of learning?






During the reign of Charlemagne, a revival in education took place in Europe. Charlemagne was particularly interested in culture and scholarship, and this led him to encourage the development of local schools. He was also instrumental in the revival of Latin across his empire, and with it, of the knowledge of classical cultures.

A basic desire of humans is to be free. How could a government help people be free? A. by claiming territory from enemies
B. by guiding people with moral laws
C. by protecting people from others
D. by making people serve the country


c is the answer i think


the answer is C


Why do neologisms develop? A.Because so many people rely on Google for information, Google in turn develops new words for us.
B.Because as our world changes, we need new words to describe our experiences.
C.Because the Oxford English Dictionary is required to add a certain number of new words annually
D.Because scholars have decided that many words are too long and need to be abbreviated



B.Because as our world changes, we need new words to describe our experiences.


Each day, we encounter new experiences.

Discoveries crop up each day.

This discoveries and experiences need new names to refer to them hence the development of neologisms.

For instance, if a sailor discovers a new island, it shall no longer remain nameless.

They might decide to give it a name based on their insights.

The multinational force commander must resolve or mitigate sovereignty through which of the following? consensus





A multinational force commander has got command over a military force composed of two or more nation elements.

Before resolving or mitigating sovereignty, the multinational commander must first involve the member states who discuss and reach a collective agreement.

Only after this is done shall a multinational force commander resolve or mitigate sovereignty.

The multinational force commander must resolve or mitigate sovereignty through consensus, coordination, and communication.

What do you mean by multinational operations?

Multinational Operations are those operations that are conducted by the forces of more than two nations within the coalition structure.

Unified actions are required to interact with multinational forces for a variety of entities. The motives and values of the member of an organization affect the key considerations in conducting multinational operations.

So, multinationals should resolve sovereignty through consensus, communication, and coordination.

Learn more about Multinational Operations here:


Which of these was a result of the war of 1812​


peace between us and britain

The main result of the war was two centuries of peace between the United States and Britain, All the causes of the war had disappeared with the end of the war between Britain, and France, and with the destruction of the power of Indians to block American expansion into the Northwest.

Conduct online research and identify a song or piece of music, work of visual art, movie, or piece of literature that inspires you or helps you understand life a little better. Write a paragraph explaining the aspects of the piece of art you chose that appeal to you most.


This is really simple to do. I suggest you pick your favorite song, movie, or book, one that's appropriate for school or for others to listen too, and write about it and what makes you understand life, or what makes it relatable to you.

Example if I chose a song:

Song: Navajo by Masego

"Everywhere this little girl goes , She picks up another obstacle..." I feel like everyone can relate to this song because of this lyric. It doesn't matter where you go or end up in life, there will always be hardships that you have to go through. You might have people in your corner trying to help you or only wanting the best for you because they see that you're struggling, but sometimes they might not help you in the way you need to be helped or they might be too late in trying to do so. "I don't know the tribe or the fall , but by default she don't think of me . I thought she was an Indian..." With this lyric I feel as though people only see what they wanna see or hear. There's two sides to every story but people and outsiders only see what you let them see. This song inspires me because it just makes me realize that not everything is what it seems and people will do whatever it takes to find happiness. I feel like everyone should work hard for what they want.

Okay so this is an example of what I would do. I'm not in your class so you should try to apply key terms to your paragraph and concepts from your unit or course. Also make this your own, don't use my exact example. Choose your favorite song or movie and pick out 2 or 3 quotes to use from them to help guide you in writing your own paragraph. I hope this will help you out some.


The poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost expresses the idea that we all have the inner courage it takes to keep growing and experiencing new things. If we all just took the same “road,” we would all have the same experiences, and that would not be very interesting.

Compare the differences in economic goals between a traditional, command, and market economy.


The traditional, command, and market economies have multiple differences, and they can simply be seen in their basic goals.

The traditional economy has a goal of maintaining the things as they are. It tends to keep the things in a relative status quo situation if they work ok, and it tends to avoid risks as much as possible.

The command economy's main goal is self-sustaining. This economy type is focused on producing and consuming for its own market, just the right amount, not more, not less.

The market economy has its goals on open economic collaboration and trade. Its goal is the goods, ideas, and people to be able to move freely, and to have as much more connections around the world as possible.


There are distinct differences in the goals of the various economic systems. The goal for a traditional economy is to maintain a level of security, while the goal in a command economy is to reach a level of equality among the members of society. The goal of a market economy is less restrictive than the others as it seeks to sustain a high level of economic freedom.


Sample Response

Which of the following sentences best summarizes why America separated from Britain?


Which of the following sentences best summarizes why America separated from Britain?

A. Americans felt that colonialism was unfair and hurting the native populations.

B. Colonists had a hard time communicating with Britain because of the distance between them, making it difficult for Britain to respond to serious issues.

C. Americans were extremely unhappy under British rule, and wanted to make sure they would never be taxed without representation again.

D. Colonists wanted each colony to have more power as a state over their ability to collect taxes and raise their own armies.

Answer: Option C


Great Britain settled in North America by establishing many colonies in the 1770s. They were under the rule of British and King George III. Moreover, the traded with the British and Colonists had to rely on the trade.

Also, there were no banks so they traded with the barter system. All the acts passed in the British parliament were reflected in these colonies. During the French-Indian war, Britain needed money to pay its war debts to that war.

So the King passed the Stamp Act- a new tax structure. Later Parliament passed a bill stating that the colonists people have to pay taxes for certain imported products from the British. The colonists protested for this decision. Since they felt that they don't have to pay the tax because the act passed in the British parliament, not by their colonial representatives.


Well, the main reason why America separated from Britain was the taxation policies applied to colonist and judiciary injustices. So, this reasons triggered people in America, at the point to have the courage to seek their liberty and freedom.

What is 12×12 and 13×13​


12*12 is 144

13*13 is 169

144 and 169

Hope this helps.

Aversive conditioning is the process by which a conditioned response can recur after a time delay.

the process of rewarding successive approximations of desired behavior.

the weakening of the conditioned response when the unconditioned stimulus is absent.

the form of treatment that consists of repeated pairings of a stimulus with a very unpleasant stimulus.


The correct definition of Aversive conditioning is the form of treatment that consists of repeated pairings of a stimulus with a very unpleasant stimulus.

Behaviorists researchers had applied techniques of aversive conditioning, also called aversive therapy for testing animal learning process, it requires the induction of some stimulus with something simultaneously unpleasant and this may lead the behavior to be stopped. This therapy can be used for nail biting, adding some unpleasant flavor in some product that goes into the nail, this may lead the person to stop biting her nails.

Which resource management task deploys or activates personnel and resources





Mobilize is the resource management task that deploys or activates personnel and resources.

In the event of being notified through established channels, mobilization and of personnel and other resources begin.

This are done by a human resource manager who are responsible for deployment of labor and resources during incidents.

What was one effect in England as trade increased? transportation improved
communication improved
workers were paid more
farming improved


The correct answer is: transportation improved

As a result of trade increasing, transportation improved to keep up with all of the movement of goods.


transportation improved

_________ memos are sent in response to a question or information request. Directive

Field report


Trip report


It would be response memo.

Memos are commonly used to _________ or _________. Scold; Punish

Congratulate; Encourage

Hire; Fire

Inform; Persuade


hire fire and scold punish

To inform or persuade.

Business letters and memos should be written using the same tone.




true because u want to sound professional


How can i have perfect painting?​


look at a picture and then paint it how you want. One thing to know is that it doesn't matter what others think as long as you like it.

Should human cloning be allowed throughout the progress of humanity? What is your opinion

Brainliest given to the extended response?​


Here is my opinion; More than 2,000 human diseases and abnormalities have a genetic causation. Health care and the increasing feasibility of genetic therapy will, although slowly, augment the future incidence of hereditary ailments. Germ-line gene therapy could halt this increase, but at present, it is not technically feasible. The proposal to enhance the human genetic endowment by genetic cloning of eminent individuals is not warranted. Genomes can be cloned; individuals cannot. In the future, therapeutic cloning will bring enhanced possibilities for organ transplantation, nerve cells and tissue healing, and other health benefits.

To me its a yes

Hope this helps.


humanity is so bad. and baby i want you so bad yeah you so bad yeah and baby i want you so bad.


What were three immediate effects of the great depresstion


1. Many people lost their jobs

2. Hunger/Death by starvation

3. Many banks closed. (over 9,000)

The Great Depression of 1929 devastated the U.S. economy. A third of all banks failed. One Unemployment rose to 25%, and homelessness increased. Two Housing prices plummeted 67%, international trade collapsed by 65%, and deflation soared above 10%.

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