Reading The Books- Percy Jackson The Lighting Thief - Mirzamsaiph - Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms (2023)

Chapter 1: Prologue

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Ancient Greece, A place that modern demigods could only dream of ever seeing. A place that had a motto of ‘The Beauty of the Land and its Gods.’ The place where mortals worshiped the ground demigods walked on, the place the Gods were the most powerful. A place before Christianity took over and made it illegal to worship the Gods, before they destroyed the temples, the statues, and burned and killed the priests.

A place where at the moment, the start of Yule was being celebrated. The longest day of the year, and the celebration of the reappearance of the sun.

While at the peak of Mt. Olympus, 14 Gods were standing and or sitting around their thrones, either talking quietly or waiting for the meeting to start. While minor gods and goddesses were standing outside the throne room talking amongst themselves. When a blinding light that could rival even Apollo and a loud crack, took over the room.

Immediately every God in the vicinity was on their feet. Weapons all around were out, ready to strike down anyone who'd dare threaten the gods on the solstice or just threaten them at all.

Three older women were standing there in the throne room,, well more like they were floating. The one on the left had a distaff in her hand, while the one in the middle was spinning a thread and muttering, the last one on the right had scissors in her hand.

It was immediately known who they were. They were radiating old divine energy, certainly older energy than the Gods. Many Minor Gods and Goddesses bowed as soon as they realized who these divine beings were.

The Olympians put down their weapons carefully not wanting to anger the beings, especially with whoever string they were weaving.

“ The Moirai.” Hades acknowledged, slightly bowing his head, with the rest of the Olympians following in suit.

They nodded slightly, the one on the left stepped forward and grabbed the attention of everyone.

“I am Clotho, I decide when you start your life as a young babe as you may know.” She said, while looking around at everyone.

The one in the middle, weaving a bright sea-green thread stepped forward, “I am Lachesis, I decide how your life goes and how long you spend your life on Gaia’s earth.” Her eyes narrowed on the gods, looking around, nodded and went back to muttering.

The last one, the one on the right stepped up, “I am Antropos, I decide how you die,
I am the one who cuts your thread.” She smirked at the slightly off-put faces on the Gods.

The Gods were looking at each other, of course they knew who the Moirai were. You’d be very unintelligent to not know.

Athena stepped up hesitantly, “We are very aware of who you are, Lady Moirai’s, may I question your reasoning for showing yourself to us?”

Clotho nodded, “In the future, Two wars start to happen that will kill many of your children, They happen within a span of two years.”

Lachesis looked up, “Your incompetence messed with fate, with destiny!” She spit.

The Gods all looked slightly put-out by being on the wrong side of the anger of the Moirai. They were all slightly confused on how they could have messed with fate so badly, badly enough to have the fates come back from the future to say something.

Antropos nodded, “You messed with a great prophecy, one that should've come millena’s before it actually came to be.” She turned her eyes to Apollo, who shrunk under her gaze.

“You out of every one should know how dangerous it is to mess with fate, Phoebus. But I digress since it has not come to be.” Antropos sighed.

Apollo nodded, he knew very well the price of messing with fate, messing with the way of the world. He wonders what he could have possibly done to forget that. Many of the Gods were now staring at him, with confusion on their faces. Before he could say anything Lachesis cut him off.

“Two great prophecies came within a year of each other, both causing much death and destruction of your children. One certain demigod is the reason that Olympus still stands, the reason you still stand.” She glared around the room, making sure everyone was understanding.

“If I may, where were we, during this?” One of the minor goddesses said she was so confused. Why would they leave their children to die? Why would they let this one demigod have the weight of Olympus in their hands?

“You’ll find out later why you were absent.” Clotho nodded at her, then looked back at the Olympians.
“We are going to send demigods from the year 2010, this is after the first prophecy has come to pass, two of the children we are bringing will not know anything about this world, and before you ask questions it will be explained later. They are recovering from a war. We want you to know that these demigods are not to be harmed.” She said, firmly.

“Of course, can I ask why exactly do the demigods need to be here?” Zeus spoke up for the first time since the Moirai got there.

“You’ll be reading books, the first five will be from the child who was the center of the first great prophecy, they'll center around his quests and then the war. The next five will have different points of views, there are different demigods involved in the second great prophecy, it will show you their journey up until the second war.” Lachesis said, glaring at anyone who looked annoyed.

Zeus nodded, he wasn't the happiest they'd have to listen to demigods stories, but if it will stop the deaths of their children and even keep Olympus up, he’d do it.

“May I ask when they’ll-.” Hermes was interrupted by a flash of light again, and children standing in the middle of the throne room.

The God’s surveyed the children, they wore different clothes, there were scars on many of the children's faces. They could all tell they were young, most likely the youngest being eleven and the oldest being nineteen. They looked tired, worn, like they had seen all the horrors the world had to offer.

Many of the children bowed immediately, while a handful stayed standing. A girl with golden curls and a scar on her shoulder elbowed a boy with black hair and green eyes, who had been one of the ones standing and or glaring.

The boy was.. something. He gave off an aura of power, one that could almost rival a minor god, he had windswept black hair that had a messy look to it, his eyes were as green as the Voidomatis river that runs under the village of Vikos. He was taller than most of the demigods in the room. He had been glaring at the gods as soon as he had appeared in the throne room.

Now usually Zeus or any of the Gods really would have struck him down for that, but they all respected the Moirai wish to keep the children unharmed.

After slightly glaring at the girl who had elbowed him he gave a short bow, most of the Gods could tell it was a mocking bow.

“We have already informed the children why they are here, they will introduce themselves then the books will appear. Remember, we will be watching.” Lachesis looked around and they disappeared in a flash of light.

The boy looked around and muttered, “Well, that wasn't creepy at all.”

“Be careful what you say boy, they are in charge of your fate, you would do well to not insult them.” Hades reprimanded harshly. The other Gods nodded.

The boy looked surprised, there was a tick in his jaw but nodded his head.

Zeus cleared his throat, “Alright, step up and introduce yourself, if you’d like there will be a seat next to whoever your parent is, if you are mortal or wouldn't like to sit with your parents their will be seats for that.”

The children looked at each other as if they were debating something, a girl with short black hair looked at all of them, she was also radiating a lot of power, maybe not as much as the boy but it was there. She held herself with confidence, surprising many of the gods, many women didn’t do that.

“Cowards, all of you.” She got glares from everyone for that. She stepped up, bowed and introduced herself.

“Thaila Grace, Daughter of Zeus, Lieutenant of Artemis.” Many of the gods nodded, that explained it. That also got Zeus a glare from Hera but she nodded. She bowed to her father than to Artemis, she hesitated before stepping over to Artemis and the couch next to her. Artemis looked confused, if it was from Thaila asking to sit with her or if it was Thaila being a Lieutenant, no one knew. She nodded and Thaila sat down.

Another girl stepped up, this was the one who elbowed the strange boy. She bowed and then talked. “Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena, Architect of Olympus.” That got confused looks from everyone, though no one said anything.

Athena nodded at her, and summoned a couch, the girl also hesitated before going and sitting down.

“Katie Gardner, Daughter of Demeter.” Persephone looked intrigued, and Demeter nodded and conjured a sofa.

Two identical boys stepped up, and every one heard slight groans from the demigods. The boys rolled their eyes and started introducing themselves.


and Travis Stoll!”

“Sons of Hermes.” They Finished. Hermes gave a slight smile and conjured a couch.

“Clarisse, Daughter of Ares.” Ares surveyed his daughter and nodded approvingly.

“Will Solace, Son of Apollo.” Apollo raised his head and looked him over, the kid looked tired and two seconds from falling over. He conjured a couch and some Ambrosia and said nothing else.

“Chris Rodriguez, Son of Hermes”

The next two that came up looked out of it, surprised if anything.

“Piper McLean.. Uh, Daughter of Aphrodite.” That was believable, she was very beautiful, and had the aura around here, like she could make anyone do anything.

“Leo Valdez, Son of.. Hephaestus.” The boy had pointy ears and looked as if Dionysus had given him most of his alcohol stash.

“Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Mortal.” That got looks, why was a mortal a part of a group of demigods?

“Grover Underwood, Satyr.” He moved to sit by the mortal

The boy that came up next had an aura of death around him, making it obvious who his parent was, he was also obviously very young. Most likely the youngest of all the demigods.

“Nico Di Angelo, Son of Hades.” Hades got a glare from two goddesses that he very much ignored. He looked at his future son and nodded his approval.

Then the strange boy came up and introduced himself. “Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon, Hero of Olympus.”

That also got a lot of looks, he must be the boy that the Moirai were talking about. It would also explain his aura.

Poseidon looked up at his future demigod son, surveyed the boy long enough for the boy to shuffle his feet and start to look uncomfortable. He nodded slightly and conjured a couch.
The boy looked at the couch and then where the mortal and the satyr was and started moving towards them.

Which earned him a few glares at the blatant disrespect and a raised eyebrow from Poseidon.

Zeus cleared his throat and nodded to where the books had appeared. Apollo slowly got up to look at them and raised an eyebrow.

“Percy Jackson and The Lighting Theif.” Apollo read allowed. There was a groan of pure annoyance from the couch where the boy, Percy was sitting and snorts across the room.

“Alright, I’ll read first.” Hermes Piped up.

Chapter 2: I Accidentally Vaporize My Pre-Algebra Teacher


Percy... Why are you Vaporizing teachers?


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Chapter Text

A bright light takes over the room once again. This time it was a couple of demigods and a few gods. They were standing there awkwardly like they weren't sure what they were supposed to do.

Zeus sighed in annoyance, “Introduce yourself, quickly, we’d like to get through this book. I'm sure the Moirai already told you why you are here.”

They nodded, the one who was currently floating and had a tail, who also had a look of disdain on his face came up first.

Percy recognized four of them and cringed, this wouldn't go over well. He looked over at Grover with a ‘help me’ face. Grover chuckled and shook his head, and looked back at the demigods and Gods about to introduce themself.

“Triton, Son of Poseidon and Amphitrite.” Poseidon nodded at him and gestured to the couch next to him.

“Rhode, Daughter of Poseidon and Amphitrite.”

“Kymopoleia, Daughter of Poseidone and Amphitrite.” Poseidon nodded at both his daughters as they came and sat down with him.

“Amphitrite, Wife of Poseidon.” Percy grimaced, at the way she said wife and the way Triton was very much glaring at him, he scooted closer to Grover, who currently looked way too amused at this.

“Pollux, Son of Dionysus.” Dionysus looked intrigued and conjured a couch and nodded.

Hermes cleared his throat, “If I may start now?”

Zeus nodded.

Look, I didn’t want to be a half-blood.

Raised eyebrows all around and questioning looks thrown at Percy, which he very much ignored.

If you're reading this because you think you might be one...told you about your birth, and try to lead a normal life.

“Not the worst advice you’ve ever given, Jackson.” Thaila said approvingly.

Percy rolled his eyes, “I never give bad advice, for your information Grace.”

Snorts were heard all around the throne room.

“Oh shush, all of you.” Percy quipped

Being a Half-blood is dangerous.

Nods all around.

It’s scary.

More nods.

Most of the time, it gets you killed in painful, nasty ways.

“You're on a roll, Perce.” Piped Travis

The Gods all gave each other looks, their children now loved being a demigod. What exactly happened to make these children hate it? It was supposed to be an honor.

If you're a normal kid...Don't say I didn't warn you.

Nico raised an eyebrow, “You didn't warn me, Jackson.”

Percy glared at him, “I was a bit busy, Di Angelo.”

Hermes glared at the both of them, “I’d like to get through the book this millenia, if you don't mind. I’m not sure what it's like in your time, but most sane people don't interrupt Gods .”

“Now Nephew, I’m sure some commentary won't hurt. Especially if the Moirai want us to change the future, these demigods' input will be needed.” Hestia said, giving a look at anyone who looked like they were going to disagree.

My name is Percy Jackson. I’m twelve years old.

Will gave a hesitant look at Hermes before speaking, “Was this when you first got to camp, during-.”

Percy cut him off and nodded, “Yes, it was during that.”

A huff before Hermes continued

Until a few months ago…In upstate New York

“New York?” Asked Persephone, with a confused glance at the other gods.

Nico looked up at her before answering, “It’s a place that hasn’t been discovered by mortals yet, I’m sure more about it will come up later.” He said that last part with a glance towards Percy.

Percy nodded.

Persephone and some other gods looked like they wanted more information but just nodded.

Am I a troubled kid?

“No one says a word.” Percy glared at every demigod in the room who opened their mouths.

Yeah. You could say that.

Most demigods were trying to cover their laughter now, while Percy had his head buried into Grovers shirt.

“All of Poseidon's children are troubled.” Dionysus said, before shrinking down into his throne at the glare he was giving.

“Careful, Nephew .” Poseidon narrowed his eyes at Dionysus.

I could start at any point in my short, miserable life...Metropolitan Museum of Art to look at ancient Greek and Roman stuff.

“That sounds amazing.” Annabeth dreamily said.

Percy rolled his eyes good naturally, “Of course, Miss Architect.”

She stuck out her tongue.

Hermes was now glaring at everyone, “ Can I continue now?”

No one said anything so he continued

I know-it sounds like torture.

“Many children don't get education, boy, you should be grateful for any chance to learn.” Artemis was now glaring at him.

Percy was about to say something back before he was cut off by Hermes.

Most Yancy field trips I had hopes.

“Chiron?” Annabeth mouthed at percy.

He nodded.

Mr. Brunner was this middle-aged guy in a motorized wheelchair…didn’t put me to sleep.

Percy was now getting glares from many people in the room.

Poseidon was raising an eyebrow which made him shrink even further into the sofa.

I hoped the trip…boy was I wrong.

“Percy, you absolutely jinxed it.” Christ said, looking at him with an amused expression.

“Yeah, Yeah, I know.” Percy said, rolling his eyes.

See bad things happen…I got expelled anyway.

No demigod could stop themselves from laughing at that.

“What exactly is a Cannon?” Ares questioned, intrigued.

Leo piped up for the first time, “A large gun that fires heavy metal shells or other projectiles, like a grenade but a lot bigger, with a bigger explosion.”

Athena looked put-out, “Why exactly were children even around that.”

Percy shrugged, heck if he knew what went on in the school board's mind.

That also earned him a glare.

What was it with gods glaring at him today?

And before that…Well you get the idea.

That set the demigods off again.

Kymopoleia looked intrigued, of course she had demigod siblings that caused much trouble, maybe this one wouldn't be different. But it did intrigue her how much this child caused chaos.

Hermes cleared his throat rather loudly, his eyes flashing, promising a very bad day if anyone continued laughing. Of course this child was rather amusing, but it was getting out of hand how disrespectful these demigods were when he was trying to finish this.

All the way into the city…-Ketchup sandwich.

No one wanted to piss off Hermes any further, so the glares being thrown at the book were enough for them.

Grover was an easy target…enchilada day in the cafeteria

“Percy!” Grover bleated, while he threw a pillow at Percy's head.

“Now hold on, why couldn’t he see that you were a satyr?” Dionsyus asked, before Percy could reply to Grover.

“Better yet, why were both of you with mortals?” Dionysus asked, looking at them suspiciously.

They looked at each other debating if to tell them, which was starting to make the Gods annoyed.

“I’m sure it’ll come up in a few chapters, Lord Dionysus.” Conner piped up, saving the both of them.

He glared at them and was about to demand answers before Hermes cut him off.

Anyway, Nancy Bobofit..had threatened me with death-

Raised eyebrows from most Gods in the room, who’d dare threaten a child with death, much less a demigod child from one of the big three.

By in-school suspension.

They all nodded that sounded better.

“I’m going to kill her.” I mumbled.

Artemis looked even more angry at this, so did most women in the room.

“You’d lay your hands on a girl?” She phrased this as more of a threat than a question.

Percy very much did not want to be turned into a fruit and or a animal. “I-.” Was all he could say before he was cut off by Thaila

“If I may, My Lady, but I know Percy would never lay his hands on anyone, much less a girl.” Thaila said, trying to help Percy.

Artemis nodded but continued glaring at him, Percy saw that as a win.

Grover tried to…like peanut butter.”

“In your lunch?” Katie questioned with a raised eyebrow.

Gover shook his head, “I was more or less trying to calm Percy down.”

He dodged another…compared of the mess I was about to get myself into

There was a slight scoff coming from Kymopoleia, of course this child was just like the others. Easy to anger, and the first instinct was violence.

Rhodes elbowed her and flicked her eyes to their father who was studying Percy. They didn’t want to anger him by offending their demigod brother.

Mr. Brunner led…Survived for two, three thousand years.

“Longer than that, Percy.” Annabeth said, giving Percy a look.

He Gathered us around…because it was kind of interesting.

“Really, you found it interesting?” Thaila questioned.

Percy huffed and nodded, he wasn’t as dumb as they made him out to be. Grover gave him a questioning look but Percy shook his head.

But everyone around him was talking…give me the evil eye.

The Gods were slightly annoyed, the demigods weren't answering any of their questions, they were confused on how any of this will help them in the future. They were especially annoyed at how incompetent the mortals seemed to be about their world.

Mrs. Dodds was this…our last math teacher had a nervous breakdown.

Percy snorted, “Nervous breakdown my butt.”

Everyone gave him a questioning look but he ignored it.

From her first day…and I knew I was going to get detention for a month.

“I despise teachers like that, they always make us out to be the bad guys, just because of our ADHD and Dyslexia.” Thaila said, annoyed.

Most of the demigods nodded.

Athena raised an eyebrow, “These teachers are there for your learning, why would they single you out.”

“They just don't like us, Lady Athena, I'm not sure there's another answer for that.” Will said, speaking for the first time since the beginning of the book.

Athena looked confused but nodded at Hermes, who looked minutes away from blasting the next person who spoke.

One time, after she made me…real serious and said, “you're absolutely right.”

“Grover!” Everyone groaned.

“I'm sorry, I'm sorry.” Grover said annoyed

“So it’s a monster.” Muttered Triton

The gods sitting on the couch with him nodded.

Mr.Brunner kept talking…I turned around and said “Will you shut up!”

“Really Percy?” Pollux was watching him with an amused expression.

“I was annoyed! I was trying to listen to the teacher.” Percy groaned out.

“Well at least you were attempting to learn.” Annabeth conceded.

It came out louder than I meant it too.

“Of course it did Percy.” Laughed Rachel.

He just pouted in return.

The whole group…”Mr. Jackson”, he said. “Did you have a comment?”

“Why do teachers do that, just single people out?” Questioned Nico.

My face was totally red…“Perhaps you’ll tell us what this picture represents?”

“I got three guesses on what it is.” Bet Clarisse.

“Quiet!” Hermes yelled, effectively shutting everyone up.

“Let me get through at least a paragraph, before you children interrupt me again .” He glared at all of them.

I looked at the carving…eating his kids right?”

The six original gods all cringed at that.

“Be careful of the names you use, boy.” Apollo said, talking for the first time, giving Percy a look.

Percy flinched back in surprise. He forgets that these Gods aren’t the gods from their time. These are much crueler and strict, especially a certain few. He nods at Apollo and looks away.

Hermes just sighed in defeat while giving Apollo a nasty look.

“Yes.” Mr. Brunner… “Kronos was the king God-”

“Here it comes.” Percy muttered to Grover

Many of the gods, including his Father were now staring at him in disbelief.

“Excuse me?” Hades said dangerously.

Percy shrunk into the seat and looked at Hermes pleadingly.

Hermes stared at him and then looked at the book.

“God?” Mr. Brunner asked.

“See?” He tried, effectively getting more people glaring at him.

“Titan.”...Eew! Said one of the girls behind me.

Now the Gods were glaring at the book, now why were these mortals so utterly dumb.

“-and so there was this big fight… and the gods won.”

Now everyone was just staring at him in wonder.

“...and the gods won. You just summed up a ten year war of destruction and death into “and the gods won.” Apollo said with a raised eyebrow at the unusually strange boy.

“It got the point across?” Percy said.

“Children.” Amphitrite muttered.

Behind me Nancy…’please explain why Kronos ate his kids.’

“Would someone like to explain why exactly these mortals are acting like we don't exist and why we haven't struck them down for it.” Psyche said. Percy was certain this was Psyche.

“Because they don't know you exist, and or they don't know this world exists, and that's all I can really say without giving away too much.” Rachel Explained.

The gods looked stunned. Why on Gaias earth did these mortals not know they existed. One of the gods was about to question more when Hermes cut them off.

“And why, Mr. Jackson…matters in real life.

“Busted.” Muttered Travis.

“Busted.” Grover Muttered.

“Shut up.” Travis said to Conner before he could say anything.

“Shut up!”...”I don't know sir.”

“See i don't know what he wanted me to say, I obviously didn't know i was a demigod, and even if i did I wasn't going to say it infront of mortals.” Percy looked around making sure everyone agreed with him.

The gods looked confused. Who was this teacher?

They nodded.

“I'm not sure what he wanted you to say either.” Said Katie.

“I see.”... On that happy note, It’s time for lunch.”

“Happy note?” Zeus questioned.

The gods shook their heads, what was it with the future?

The class drifted off..acting like doofuses.

“Boy’s.” Thaila muttered.

Grover and I were about to leave…thousand years old and had seen everything.

He got confused looks for that but Percy just smiled and nodded.

“You must learn…Oh”

“Oh.” Nico mocked.

Percy threw his hands in the air, “what else should i have said?”

No one had an answer for that.

“What you learn from me…from you, Percy Jackson.

“That’s.. a lot of pressure.” Noted a minor god from the back.

Percy nodded, “It was, but I completely understand why he did it.”

They raised an eyebrow but nodded

I wanted to get angry, this guy pushed me so hard.

Poseidon gave him a look, “Whoever he is, I’m sure he has a reason to push this hard, son, don't disrespect the people who are supposed to help you.”

Percy jumped, his father hadn’t said a word to him since he got here, he nodded slightly then turned towards Hermes.

Percy had heard all the old stories about his father, just like he had for Apollo. Percy doesn't know if he's ready to deal with that just yet.

I mean, sure,... god they worshiped.

Will groaned, “I wish I had him as a teacher.”

Many of the other demigods nodded.

Percy just smirked.

But Mr. Brunner…i couldn't just learn all those names much less write them.

“Having dyslexia makes school so much harder.” Percy said.

Every demigod nodded.

I mumbled something about trying harder…Overhead a huge storm was brewing.

That got a lot of weird looks towards Zeus.

With clouds blacker…i wouldn't have been surprised if a hurricane was blowing in.

Now Poseidon was getting the looks.

Hades raised an eyebrow, “Now why are you two fighting?”

Poseidon and Zeus looked at each other and shook their heads.

Grover and I sat on the edge of the fountain…school for loser-freaks.

“Jackson, I will smack you if you call yourself that again, you too Underwood.” Clarrise glared.

Poseidon frowned but said nothing.

“Detention?” Grover Asked…I mean I'm not a genius.

A few people snorted, making Percy sink lower, which no one thought was possible.

Grover didn't say anything for a while… “Can I have your Apple?" he said.”

“...Grover.” Will said flatly

“I Know!” He said annoyed.

I didn’t have much of an appetite, so I let him take it.

Now everyone was looking at Percy concerned. He was always hungry.

I watched the streams of cabs…I wanted to jump in a taxi and head home. She’d hug me and be glad to see me, but disappointed, too.

Percy was now smiling sadly, his mother had been very protective these last few days after the war. He missed her already.“Mrs. Jackson is the best that I will give Percy.” Thalia said.

Many of the demigods nodded.

Zeus raised an eyebrow, “Have you all met this woman?”

“We have, her house is kind of like a safe haven for demigods on the way back to camp.” Annabeth said.

The sea family minus Percy all raised an eyebrow but said nothing else.

She’d send me right back to Yancy…I wouldn't be able to stand that sad look she’d give me.

The demigods sent sad looks towards Percy, which he very much ignored.

I was about to unwrap my sandwich…dumped her half-eaten lunch in Grover's lap.

I'm Going to murder her.” Katie grit out.

“Get in line.” Thalia said.

“Oops.” She said.. But I was so mad a wave roared in my ears.

Kymopoleia looked intrigued, had this demigod just unknowingly used his powers.

Many of the other gods were also listening intently.

I don’t remember touching her, but the next thing I knew, Nancy was sitting on her butt in the fountain, screaming, “Percy pushed me!”

Everyone rolled their eyes.

“Get what you deserve bi-.” Thaila was cut off with a glare from Artemis.

Mrs. Dodds materialized next to us.

“Monster.” Most demigods said.

Percy glared at them. “Ohh, thank you for telling me four years later.”

They had enough sense to look sheepish.

Some of the kids were whispering: “Did you see-.. -It grabbed her.”

Poseidone smirked slightly, at the display of powers.

I didn’t know what they were talking about… “I know.” I grumbled “A month erasing notebooks.”

The glare Percy got from three Hermes kids was enough to make him mouth ‘sorry’.

That wasn’t the right thing to say.

“Duh, Perce.” Pollux said with a raised eyebrow.

"Come with me." Mrs Dodds said...I pushed her. "

Percy smiled, “Thank you for trying G-man.”

"You—will—stay...I’ll-kill-you-later stare.

“You do not want to be on the wrong side of that.” Nico shuddered.

Everyone nodded but looked at him strangely.

“If it's anything like Poseidons, then I can understand.” Hades said.

Poseidon glared at him but said nothing.

Then I turned to face Mrs Dodds...How'd she get there so fast?

Percy glared at everyone, “If any of you say anything you will have a sword at your neck.”

I have moments like that a lot...brain misinterpreting things.

“Definitely does not seem like it this time little brother.” Rhode said, scaring everyone who forgot she was here.

Percy looked up exasperated, honestly! This was four years ago. But he nodded slightly not wanting to anger his half-sibling.

I wasn’t so sure

The gods nodded at his instincts.

I went after Mrs Dodds...Mr. Brunner was absorbed in his novel.

“He has to be someone important, so why is he ignoring this.” Hephestus asked, also scaring everyone who had forgotten about him.

I looked back up... except for us.. the gallery was empty.

“You seem to attract trouble, child.” Noted Apollo.

Percy nodded, “It does seem to gravitate towards me.”

Mrs. Dodds stood with her arms crossed..."You've been giving us problems, honey," she said.

Psyche looked over at Thanatos, “Does she seem… familiar to you.”

He nodded, he had been thinking the same thing.

I did the safe thing. I said, "Yes, ma’am."

Annabeth raised an eyebrow, “Really, that's new”

The gods looked at eachother, that didn't sound promising, especially for someone who was supposed to save Olympus.

She tugged on the cuffs of her leather jacket. "Did you really think you would get away with it?"

“With what?” Hera muttered.

The look in her eyes was beyond mad...Thunder shook the building.

Zeus looked confused. He had nothing against this demigod, nor did it seem the demigod had done anything to offend him… well at least in the future, so why was he doing this?

"We are not fools, Percy Jackson...I didn't know what she was talking about.

“You wouldn’t child, you seem to know nothing of this world, meaning whatever has happened in the future, you seem to unknowingly be in the middle of it.” Athena said.

Percy looked surprised at how she guessed it, but slightly nodded to her.

All I could think of was that the teachers must've found the illegal stash of candy I'd been selling out of my dorm room.

“Percy!” The Stoll brothers cried, “Why didn't you tell us you were good at that stuff.”

“Uh- Uh, keep Percy out of your shenanigans.” Annabeth said, glaring at the brothers.

Percy winked at them and they grinned.

Or maybe they’d realized I got my essay...and now they were going to take away my grade.

There were snorts heard from all across the room.

Or worse, they were going to make me read the book.

The snorts turned to full laughter.

“Exactly what is so wrong about reading a book, boy.” Artemis raised an eyebrow.

“My dyslexia makes it almost impossible to be able to read anything that's not Greek, Lady Artemis.” He replied.

She nodded.

"Well?" she demanded...she was about to slice me to ribbons.

Shock radiated throughout the throne room, while most gods turned to look at Hades, while the demigods turned to look at Percy.

The demigods were shocked that the minotaur wasn’t Percy’s first monster, he hid his face into Grover attempting to look away from all the stares.

Poseidon looked annoyed, he let his children fight their own battles, but really? A Fury, that's a bit far, especially since it was sent by his brother.

Before anyone could say anything Hermes started reading, eager to finally let the chapter be over.

Then things got even stranger...Mrs Dodds lunged at me.

All the demigods flinched.

“I am literally right here.” Percy said, but it fell on deaf ears.

With a yelp, I dodged...which he always used on tournament day.

Artemis looked at the boy annoyed, it was very obviously anaklusmos, and yet the boy probably had no idea of the history of the sword.

Mrs. Dodds spun towards me…I swung the sword.

“How exactly is that natural, Perce? Katie said.

Percy Shrugged, “it was just instinct and swinging it felt natural.”

“...That makes no sense.”

He shrugged.

The metal blade hit her if those two glowing red eyes were still watching me.

Did you just take out my Fury in one hit, boy?” Hades said, staring at Percy.

“I.. Luck?” Percy tried which earned him snorts and disbelieving looks from around the room.

Poseidon looked at Hades and smirked before sitting fully back against his throne.

The Children on Poseidon besides Percy were all looking at him approvingly, they may not like the boy, but he definitely had good instincts.

I was alone....magic mushrooms or something.

Before anyone asks, the mist was still affecting me and yes it'll be explained later in the books.” Percy Explained, which earned him glares from the gods.

Had I imagined the whole thing?...Mrs Kerr whipped your butt."

...Who?” Most of the demigods said.

“Who?” I Asked

Chuckles were heard from around the room.

"Our teacher. Duh!"...I thought he was messing with me.

Percy patted Grovers back. “You’re still a horrible liar.” Which got him a punch and a glare.

"Not funny, man," I told him...He stared at me blankly. "Who?"

“Now he can lie.” The stolls nodded approvingly.

Percy huffed, “made me think I was insane.”

Alright! I am finally done with this bloody chapter, someone talks this before I go against the fates and murder the next person who talks during this.” Hermes did not look like he was lying, he actually looked really annoyed.

Thalia got up, “I’ll take it Lord Hermes.” He nodded at her and she took and sat down.


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Chapter 3: Three Old Ladies Knit The Socks Of Death


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Chapter Text

“Three old ladies…” Thanatos muttered.

“There's a lot of those in our world.” Psyche chuckled.

Everyone looked confused at the title and a little amused.

“Percy, what is it with these titles?” Chris inquired, with an amused expression.

Percy shrugged, “I didn’t write this.”

I was used to the occasional weird experience...was more than I could handle.

“Yeah, that's gotta suck.” Pollux grimaced.

Percy nodded, “It was horrible, I thought I was going crazy.”

Grover had the decency to look sorry.

For the rest of the school year…trick on me.

“The whole school?” Travis questioned.

“Eh, it was the only thing I could come up with.” Percy shrugged.

The students acted as if…pre-algebra teacher since Christmas.

Percy leaned over towards Grover and whispered, “How did that woman even appear? Was it the mist?”

He raised an eyebrow, “No, it was a spare teacher chiron had just in case something happened. You really think the mist created a whole new person?”

Percy just rolled his eyes, it wouldn't be the weirdest thing that has happened.

Every so often I would spring Mrs Dodds...Almost.

Thaila looked at Grover who looked sheepish, “Really Goat-boy?”

Grover shook his head, “You don’t understand how hard it is to lie to him, it's like he sniffs out the lies.”

Triton looked up at that with a intrigued expression, “What do you mean, satyr.”

Grover looked startled, “I just mean, it's very hard to lie to him, anytime I ever tried he’d look at me weirdly and shake his head, I could tell by his emotions he knew i was lying.”

Annabeth nodded, “I’ve tried lying to him a few times and I could tell immediately he knew I was lying, if it was his facial expression or something else, I gave up after the first few times failed.”

Percy threw his hands up, “Stop lying to me then!”

The sea family all looked at him then looked at eachother, the sibling’s started muttering to each other.

But Grover couldn't fool me...But I knew he was lying, something was going on.

“Are you descended from me, child?’ Apollo questioned.

Percy shrugged, he wasn’t completely sure. He’d have to ask his mom about that.

His eyes flashed with annoyance, “I asked a question, I expect it to be answered.”

Percy glared, “I would’ve said something if I knew it.” He snapped.

Apollo started to stand with an aura of anger surrounding him, he was about to say something, most likely a curse before Poseidon stood.

Grover had an arm in front of Percy as if protecting him.

Percy appreciated the thought, but he didn’t think that was going to work. Especially against an angry god.

“How dare y-.’ Apollo was cut off by a hand being held up by Poseidon.

“Yes, Apollo. I understand that, that was extremely disrespectful.” The last part said with a look thrown towards Percy as if reprimanding him.

“I will say something to him about it, but I will not let you attack my son, nor do you want to anger the Moirai any more than you apparently have.” Poseidon conceded.

Apollo glare didn’t soften, sadly enough for Percy, “Be careful who you make an enemy, boy.”

Thalia looked between them as both Apollo and Poseidon sat and hesitantly started reading again.

I didn’t have much time to think about it...would wake me up in a cold sweat.

Katie shakes her head, “Nightmares suck.”

Most of the demigods nodded.

“Most of your ‘nightmares’ are dreams sent to you by me, usually a warning to help you.” Hypno’s glared

The freak weather continued...sudden squalls in the Atlantic that year.

“You two are hopeless, what would make you fight this bad? Why take it out on the demigod, no matter how disrespectful he might be?” Hades raised an eyebrow at the two of them.

Percy opened his mouth to defend himself before many glares, demigod and god alike, were sent at him.

He shut his mouth.

I started feeling cranky and irritable most of the time.

“I’m not sure if you remember but you snapped at anyone who talked to you. It was slightly off-putting.” Grover said, looking at him.

Percy cringed, “I wasn’t meaning to, At that point I wasn’t sure why I was annoyed, which was only making me more annoyed than anything.”

Athena nodded, “You seem to be intune to your Fathers emotions, it was most likely why it was happening.”

Percy nodded.

My grades slipped from Ds to Fs.

“Percy!” Annabeth glared.


I got into more fights with Nancy sounded good.

“He deserved that. Don’t glare at me, he was purposely calling me lazy knowing I had dyslexia and ADHD.” Percy shot at Annabeth before she could say anything.

“I’m more on the fact you called him a ‘drunk’, perce.” Pollux said, looking far too amused.

“No, correction. An ‘old drunk’.” Conner corrected.

“You really do tend to insult your superiors, boy.” Ares said.

Percy cringed thinking about the quest in this book, “I would like to apologize for any thoughts that are read aloud in this book about y’all, I never thought they would be read aloud which I feel is a completely solid reason. I would also like to apologize for some of the things I know I say later in the book, I know it will probably make many of you mad.”

Many of the gods looked at the boy and shook their heads. They could already tell this boy would probably at least insult each of them once.

Poseidon was just thinking about how much he would have to stop gods from blasting his son. He may let his children fight their battles, but not against gods he knew they wouldn't win against.

The headmaster sent my mom a letter...I wouldn't not be invited back to Yancy Academy.

Percy shrugged. “It was my sixth school I had gotten kicked out of, at that point I didn't really care.”

Fine, I told myself. Just fine...and his stupid poker parties.

Nico raised an eyebrow, “Paul doesn’t play poker, does he?”

Percy shook his head, hoping they wouldn’t mention Gabe after this.

Everyone looked at him but said nothing.

And yet. . . There were things I'd miss at Yancy...I’d miss Grover

Grover smiled.

who’d been a good friend, even if he was a little strange.

Grovers smile turned into a frown.

“Love ya, G-man.” Percy tried, with an amused look.

He got a pillow thrown at him in response.

I worried how he'd that I could do well.

“He still believes in you, Perce. He just already knows how well you can do.” Travis smiled, being one of the few people who knew who it was.

Percy smiled.

As exam week got closer...I'd started to believe him.

Everyone nodded.

The evening before my final...across my dorm room.

Really? What is it with you throwing books?” Annabeth inquired.

Percy blushed and looked back to Thalia.

Words had started swimming off the if they were riding skateboards.

“...That’s a weirdly good description of dyslexia.” Chris said, surprised.

Nico snorted, “Loved the water reference, Percy.”

Percy grinned at him.

There was no way I was going to remember the difference between Chiron and Charon,

“Well I definitely know the difference now.” Percy shuddered, “Never will I make that mistake again.”

Hades looked at him, “I’m hoping you only know that because you know Chiron, child.”

Percy looked at him then looked back at Grover, who shook his head.

Hades sighed.

or Polydictes and...Forget it.

“Ah, yes. Latin isn’t very easy.” Thalia nodded.

“But you can speak Greek, can you not?”

Thaila looked over at a girl she didn’t recognize, “Can you not?”

She shook her head, "I only just learned I was a demigod.”

Percy looked at her, “How old are you?”


Percy sighed and looked away, Of course the gods wouldn’t keep their promises.

Thaila nodded at her, “When we break, come with me and I’ll show you some ancient Greek and we’ll see if you can.”

She nodded.

I paced the room...he could give me some pointers.

“You went and asked for help?” Apollo asked, sadly the glare was still there but at least he wasn’t trying to blast Percy anymore.

Percy, not wanting to make him any more mad than he already was, just nodded.

Most of the gods raised an eyebrow. Many demigods were too prideful to ask for help.

I walked downstairs to the faculty friend talking about you to an adult.

“Percy! You really listened to this whole thing?” Grover bleated.

Percy glared, “You were talking about me behind my back, of course I was going to!”

Most of the demi-gods nodded, they would’ve done the same thing.

I inched closer..."We need the boy to mature more."

Nico chuckled, “That may take long.”

“Shut up.” Percy stuck out his tongue at him.

"But he may not have the time...enough to convince him of that."

Percy huffed, “It would have been nice if someone had told me what was going on.”

Grover gave him a look that mostly said ‘sorry.’

"Sir, I . . . I can’t fail..."You know what that would mean."

Thaila cleared her throat and set the book down.

“Should I be concerned about how she’s walking towards us?” Grover asked, a bit nervously.

Percy looked at him then looked at Thaila, gave him a sorry look and got up to sit closer to Rachel.

Before Grover could say anything Thaila was in front of him.

“You absolutely stupid goat, It was my choice! !” She said as she wacked him with a pillow.

“Ow! OW!, Okay! I get it!”

She huffed and turned around and picked up the book again.

“Ouch, that's gotta hurt.” Percy looked like he was trying not to laugh.

“Shut up, Percy.” Grover shot.

"You haven’t failed...hit the floor with a thud.

“You're horrible at sneaking around.” Conner shook his head sadly.

Percy glared at him.

Mr. Brunner went silent...then moved on.

Chris raised an eyebrow, “He didn’t sense you?”

Percy shook his head, “I’m almost positive he sensed me, he just didn't want to scare me.”

Grover nodded.

A bead of sweat trickled down my neck...haven't been right since the winter solstice."

“That’s been mentioned a few times, what exactly happened at the solstice?” Kymopoleia questioned.

Percy shook his head, ‘“I'm sure it’ll be explained later, but it is the center of this book I'm pretty sure.”

She sighed but nodded.

"Mine neither," Grover he'd there all night.

Percy muttered something about lying goats.

"Hey," he said, he couldn't read my expression,

Before anyone could say anything Percy raised a hand, “I know now he can read emotions, at the time i didn’t.”

and started getting ready for I was leaving the three-hour Latin exam,

Will grimaced, “That’s just cruel.”

Everyone jumped, “Goodness, Will! Talk more, you just scared everyone.” Travis said.

He shrugged, “I’m just listening, not interrupting like you people.”

Everyone just rolled their eyes

I mumbled, "Okay, sir."...It was only a matter of time."

“Ouch, Yeah, that would hurt my feelings too.” Rachel said.

My eyes stung...telling me I was destined to get kicked out.

Grover shook his head, “You know now that's not what he meant right?”

Percy nodded.

"Right," I said, trembling...That’s nothing to be—"

Most of the demi-gods had figured out who it was now, and were shaking their heads.

“Would anyone like to help me give him pep talk lessons?” Travis asked.

Most demi-gods raised their hands.

On the last day of term...I was a nobody, from a family of nobodies.

“...I’m going to let that go, just because it seems you didn’t know your heritage.” Hades glared.

They asked me what I'd be doing this summer and I told them I was going back to the city.

“At least they asked, that's nice.” Nico stated.

Percy shook his head, “Wait for it.”

What I didn’t tell them was that I'd have to get a summer job walking dogs or selling magazine subscriptions,

Perce, that's not your job, you're twelve!” Annabeth looked at him questioningly.

Percy just looked at Thalia.

"Oh," one of the guys if I’d never existed.

Percy nodded, “There it is.”

Triton rolled his eyes, “Mortals,” He muttered

The only person I dreaded saying goodbye to was Grover...heading into the city.

“How convenient, Grover.” Travis said, raising his eyebrows.

“Oh shush, you're horrible.” Grover quipped.

During the whole bus ride...there was nobody to tease him on the Greyhound.

“Percy what are you about to do?” Will asked.

Percy chuckled and looked at Thaila, who was staring at the next line laughing.

“Oh, gods, this is why I tolerate you, Jackson.” She said.

Finally I couldn't stand it anymore. I said, "Looking for Kindly Ones?"

That set all the demigods off.

Weirdly, even the minor gods had amused looks on their faces.

“I Love the tact on you, child.” Psyche said sarcastically.

Thanatos snorted, “More like the lack of tact.”

“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t give the satyr a heart attack, boy.” Hermes glared.

Grover nearly jumped out of his seat...the night before the exam.

Travis and Conner shook their heads at the confession.

Grovers eye twitched...hallucinating about demon math teachers..."

“Thals, i'm going to take a note out of your book real quick.” Percy snickered

Thalia looked at him questioningly

Percy picked up the pillow Thalia had dropped earlier.

“Made. Me. Think. I Was. Crazy. You. Goat.” Percy hit him with a pillow every time a word came out.

Hey!, For your information Chi- Mr. Brunner made me.” Grover pointed out.

Percy just huffed and stuck out his tongue.

"Grover—'re a really, really bad liar."

Percy nodded very quickly.

Grover groaned, “You're just hard to lie to, we’ve had this conversation!”

Conner shook his head, “You're just a bad liar Grover, but I will say Percy is also very hard to lie to.”

Triton looked over to his siblings and they nodded as if agreeing on something.

His ears turned pink...which was murder on my dyslexic eyes,

“We really need to get Mr. D to change that, I'm almost positive he does that on purpose.” Percy pointed out.

“Mr.D?” Hebe said, talking for the first time, her being the goddess of youth, she had just been enjoying the aura of happiness of the demigods talking with each other.

Percy nodded,”Yes, my lady. I’m sure he’ll come up later!”

She smiled at him and nodded.

"Okay," I said..."Why would I need you?"

“Perseus Jackson! Mrs. Jackson did not raise you like that.” Katie Told him, looking disappointed.

“I know! I know! I was just in a bad mood, I am sorry Grover.” Percy said.

He waved it off.

Ares cleared his throat, “Perseus?” he inquired.

Percy blushed, embarrassed, “Yes, that would be my full name. People just usually don't call me that.”

to his Adam's apple...beaten up next year without me

“You should have told me! I didn't know you were losing sleep!.” Grover bleated, annoyed.

“I didn’t want to worry you.” Percy answered.

Grover shook his head.

Aphrodite looked at the boy appraisingly, he seemed to have extreme loyalty towards his friend. You don’t see many male demigods with that.

And here he was acting like..."What exactly are you protecting me from?



“Tripping over your own two shoes.” That one came from Thalia, which got a pillow thrown at her.

“With how disrespectful you are, I wouldn't be surprised if one of us has tried to blast you.” Apollo shot at him.

Percy cringed, he’d have to apologize to Apollo during a break. He didn’t need to have a god mad at him this early in the reading.

There was a huge grinding the side of the highway.

That’s not good.” Leo said, frowning.

After a few minutes...biggest pair of socks I’d ever seen.

Silence echoed through the entire throne room. This child had seen the Moirai at age 12, how was he sitting before them? Seeing the Fates always meant certain death if you were mortal, even a half-mortal.

Percy sighed, this is why he didn’t tell anyone. He didn’t want the demi-gods coddling him. He knew whos string it was, and it surely wasn't his.

I mean these socks were the size of sweaters...they seemed to be looking right at me.

“I can’t read this.” Thalia choked out.

Artemis softly pried it out of her hands, and started to read.

I looked over at Grover...You think those socks would fit me?"

“So not the time Percy.” Will whispered.

"Not funny, Percy. Not funny at all."

Everyone nodded.

The old lady in the middle..."It's a thousand degrees in there."

“For god's sake Percy, get on the damn bus.” Annabeth whisper-yelled.

Poseidon was holding onto his wife’s hand, why were the fates doing this? If the fates snipped his string, he would’ve died. Why was his child sitting right in front of them unharmed?

He may not know this child yet, like he did his others, but he did care for his children. He just was never sure how to show it, especially to his demigod children.

"I want to point out, I am right here.” Percy reminded them.

They ignored him.

"Come on!" He pried open the door...hear that snip across four lanes of traffic.

A choked sob was heard from Annabeth, it was seconds before she threw herself at Percy.

Everyone was silent and Percy took the opportunity to speak.

“It wasn’t mine, I know who it is now,” Percy quietly said.

Everyone's head snapped up to him.

“Why would the fate’s show you someone else’s string being snipped, child?” Thanatos interrogated.

“Our fates were intertwined, it's a long story that I'm sure will come out.” Percy nodded to him.

Poseidon sighed, this child was going to give him gray hairs. Especially with his disrespect in the mix.

At the rear of the bus...the engine roared back to life.

“Now it works.” Piper snorted.

Leo and Piper may not have known much about the Greek mythology world, but they knew who the fates were enough to be silent during that.

The passengers if I'd caught the flu.

Poseidon nodded, “That would be from you seeing someone's life be cut either in half or someone dying, I’d be more concerned if it didn't affect you at all, child.”

Percy nodded slightly, he was probably going to have to talk to his father during the break too.

Gods, why did his life have to be so complicated.

Grover didn’t look much better..."What are you not telling me?"

Percy huffed, “Oh you know, just everything.”

He dabbed his forehead with his shirt sleeve...Mrs. Dodds, are they?"

“You may be disrespectful, but you do have good instincts, boy.” Persephone nodded at him.

He smiled slightly at her and nodded.

He closed his eyes and made a gesture...It was something else, something almost—older.

“Goodness Percy, how are you guessing any of this?” Pollux looked surprised.

Kymopoleia leaned forward, “Are you always this perceptive? Just like with the lying thing, the Satyr was talking about, has that always happened?

Percy was railing from the questions thrown at him, right as he was about to speak, Poseidon held up his hand.

“You can ask him later, Kymopoleia, let's get this chapter over with.”

She nodded and leaned back slightly.

He said "You saw her snip the cord."..."I don't want this to be like the last time."

Thalia and Annabeth were glaring at him now.

It was more intimidating now that Annabeth was sitting on the same couch now.

"What last time?"...Promise me."

Percy whistled, trying to look innocent while Grover was glaring.

Annabeth snorted, “I'm guessing he ran off?”

Grover huffed and turned around.

This seemed like a strange request...Does that mean somebody is going to die?"

Kymopoleia looked like she was going to interrogate him again but stopped at the look Poseidon sent her.

He looked at me mournfully, like he was already picking the kind of flowers I'd like best on my coffin.

“You definitely scared him off Grover.” Pollux said.

Grover huffed again.

“Well after all those interruptions, the chapter is finally done. Who’d like to read next.” Artemis looked relieved to get the book out of her hands.

Athena nodded to her and picked up the book.


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Chapter 4: Grover Unexpectedly Looses His Pants


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Chapter Text

Travis coughed, “No offense Lady Athena, but we are demigods with ADHD, can we have a five minute break?

Hestia nodded at the demigods, “Go break for a few minutes children, and then in a few chapters we will break for lunch.”

The gods huffed slightly but got up nonetheless, to take a quick break.

The sound of feet hitting the ground took over the throne room and the demigods were immediately out of sight.

“Those children are nothing like how our children are now.” Demeter said as soon as the demigods were out of earshot.

Zeus nodded, “They seem to definitely be different, more disrespectful, they don’t seem to be meaning to be, more it just comes out.”

Apollo snorted, “I could very much debate that Father, specifically for a certain demigod.”

Nephew. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t insult him.” Poseidon gave him a look.

“Ok both of you, let not. Especially when the children could walk in at any second.” Hestia pointed out to them.

They nodded and silence reigned in the throne room. It wasn’t uncomfortable or awkward, it was more thinking silence.

These demigods had come from millena’s in the future, they most likely knew of wars that were coming. They for some reason didn’t know they were demigods until they were told at camp. It was an utmost honor to be a child of a God, and yet these children didn’t act like the children now. Sure, it could be because times changed. Even then, why were these demigods secretive, why were they so disrespectful? Surely the gods didn't change enough to where they would strike someone down for the insolence. They were gods! They were meant to be respected, even by their children. What could have changed this?

Before anyone could say anything a scream was heard from outside.

Zeus sighed, “Let’s go check what’s happening, we can talk about the children during the lunch break.”

They walked out of the throne room only to be greeted by a laughing Percy Jackson and a glaring Annabeth Chase.

“Would someone like to explain, what exactly happened to make someone scream?” Hades sighed.

Perseus cleared his throat, obviously attempting to get his laughter under control. “Of course, It was a spider. It scared Annabeth, and no I’m not laughing at her because she got scared. Some of the… profanities that came out, are the reason I'm laughing.”

“Shut up, Jackson.” Annabeth went red in embarrassment.

Once again, interrupting the gods from saying anything the other demigods came in looking confused and some ready to fight.

They looked warily at the gods, before looking at the two still having a stare off.

“What exactly is going on?” Conner inquired.

Percy shook his head and snorted before turning to them and explaining it again.

The gods shook their heads before turning to the now chuckling demigods.

“I’m going to murder you, Percy.” Annabeth said, attempting to glare holes in his head.

If looks could kill, he’d have dropped dead minutes ago. Honestly, with how much the boy pissed off demigods and or gods, it's a miracle he hasn't been stabbed or blasted.

‘I wonder if I've blessed him, that kind of luck can’t be normal. Though being blessed with luck does come with a price, It would explain his obvious bad luck with fate.’ Tyche thought.

“If that would be all, children, We need to get back to the book. Hopefully finishing it this century.” Persephone sighed.

Percy cleared his throat awkwardly, “Actually, before we do that can I talk to Ap- Lord Apollo.” He corrected himself after an elbow got launched into his stomach.

Apollo raised an eyebrow and looked back to the gods before nodding, and started walking with no warning.

Percy huffed, “I’ll be right back I guess.” Before jogging to catch up with Apollo.

“Well!” Will clapped his hands together cheerfully, “Let’s all hope my father doesn't blast Percy.”


When they stopped walking, it was in a hallway, if you want to even call it that.

It was beyond words beautiful, Percy guessed since it was ancient Greece things would be different but this hallway, something he had walked through many times in his time on Olympus. But this was so much different, it was lined with jewels Percy was sure even Annabeth couldn't name. The light coming through the windows wasn’t in your face, it was calming in a weird way. It was humming with life, birds were chirping, butterflies were flying around if you looked close enough. Nymphs were running around. It was the most beautiful sight Percy had ever seen.

A cough interrupted his thoughts, right. Apollo was here.

Percy turned towards him, he was obviously beautiful, but honestly so were most of the gods. Even if Percy wouldn't say it to their faces

RIght, shouldn’t be thinking about that, Percy cleared his throat. “Right, I wanted to apologize.”

Apollo raised his eyebrow but said nothing, he raised a hand as in a ‘keep going’ motion.

Percy resisted the urge to roll his eyes, “I’m going to be honest, I am completely used to the future gods, I have met you in the future so like I said, I’m used to the future you, not ancient greece you. I won’t say I wasn’t meaning to be disrespectful, because it does just slip out. I wasn’t in the best mood due to my thoughts being read out and people asking me questions about stuff that happened years ago, I can't promise that it won't happen again so i won't but, I am sorry, honestly.” Percy took a deep breath, gods that was a lot.

It was quiet for a few seconds before Apollo spoke, “You’re not used to apologizing to gods, are you Perseus?”

Percy sighed, “Not really, I’ve had to few times but not much.”

Apollo rolled his eyes, “Well that's surprising, seeing as disrespectful you are. I’ll say that was a half apology, seeing as you can’t even say it won't happen again. So I'll half forgive you, though next time it does happen, even if you didn’t mean it, not even the fates will be able to stop me from at least cursing you.” and with that he walked off.

Percy groaned in annoyance once he walked off, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” He mumbled.


Apollo walked back into the throne room ignoring all the looks sent his way before sitting in his throne.

“Apollo, tell me you didn’t kill the child.” Aphrodite looked at him, disappointedly.

Before Apollo could even say anything Percy came walking in, looking annoyed but said nothing as he walked over to the couch where Rachel and Grover were sitting.

“Right, well I'll start now.” Athena said.

Confession time: I ditched Grover as soon as we got to the bus terminal.

“Of course you did Percy.” Annabeth shook her head.

“Hey! You would’ve done the same thing if he looked like he was planning your funeral.” Percy pointed out.

She couldn’t argue with that.

I know, I know. It was rude..."Why does it always have to be sixth grade?"

“At least you knew it was rude.” Hypno said.

so I wasn’t surprised when, as soon as we got off the bus...and caught the first taxi uptown.

Conner raised an eyebrow, “You felt comfortable taking a taxi? In New York ?”

Percy shrugged, “not comfortable per say, but it was better than walking.”

Hermes sat up slightly, “Why wouldn’t you feel comfortable taking a… taxi? Whatever that is.”

Percy grimaced, “New York is a very criminal area, many things happen. Especially where I lived at the time, it wasn’t particularly safe, but it was the only thing I could use.”

Hermes tilted his head slightly, confused but said nothing else.

"East One-hundred-and-fourth and First," I told the driver.

The Stoll’s looked up immediately.

“I don't live there anymore!” Percy said, hurriedly.

Their smiles dropped, “Where do you live now? I’d love to see Mrs Jackson.”

“Absolutely not.” He glared.

A word about my mother before you meet her.

“Lovely women.” Thaila nodded.

“That’s two words, Grace, but I agree.” Percy smiled.

“She is lovely, that's for sure, Sally is the sweetest woman to anyone.” Nico said.

Hades looked down at Nico, “You’ve met this woman?”

Nico started, “I have, many demigods have.”

Practically every demigod in the room nodded.

The gods looked at eachother but said nothing.

Her name is Sally Jackson...her own parents died in a plane crash when she was five,

Thaila huffed, “Of course it was a plane crash.”

“What exactly is a plane?” A goddess Percy didn’t recognize said.

“It’s something that flies practically, it goes through the air at a quick pace.” Piper explained.

She nodded, “Meaning a wind or sky god knocked it out of the sky.” She looked towards Thaila, “What exactly do you mean ‘of course’.”

“Well, Lady… I’m sorry, I’m not sure who you are.” Thalia cringed.

The goddess didn’t look offended, thankfully, “Eileithyia, Goddess of Childbirth and Midwifery.”

Thalia looked surprised but nodded, “Well, Lady Eileithyia, when it comes to planes many times it’s, well it’s my father who tends to knock them out of the sky, With them being Percy’s Grandparents it makes sense why their plan got knocked out of the sky.”

“Why exactly would I do that? I have no qualms against any of Poseidon's Lovers nor anyone related to them.” Zeus questioned.

“It’s a long story, Lord Zeus, which I'm sure will come up later. It’s a big part of the story I'm sure.” Percy explained.

Poseidon looked over at Zeus, “You would do well to not have any qualms against anyone I take as a lover, unless they were to insult you directly which I'm sure they did not.”

Zeus opened his mouth but Hades cut him off, “Let's get back to the reading, thank you.”

and she was raised by an uncle...she was left with no money, no family and no diploma.

“Really? But she seems to be doing well now?” Annabeth questioned.

Percy nodded, “With me being kicked out of so many schools, and well my old stepfather, she wasn’t doing well financially meaning she couldn’t go to school to get a diploma.”

“Old stepfather?” Katie pushed.

Percy looked at her and shook his head before looking back towards Athena.

The only good break she ever got was meeting my dad.

Aphrodite smiled while Amphitrite grimaced.

I don’t have any memories of him, just this sort of warm glow, maybe the barest trace of his smile.

Zeus rolled his eyes, “You do realize Poseidon those laws are there for a reason.”

Poseidon raised an eyebrow, “Do not act as though you do not visit your children.”

Zeus huffed.

My mom doesn’t like to talk about him...Not dead. Lost at sea.

“That’s a very good lie. While I may not understand why they need to lie, I will say it is a very good one.” Hermes approved.

Apollo nodded, “Not a lie but not the truth.”

She worked odd jobs, took night classes...But I knew I wasn't an easy kid.

“She sounds amazing, Perce.” Pollux whispered, he was happy for Percy of course, if anyone deserved to have someone that amazing it was Percy. But he just wished his mother could’ve tried for him and Castor.

Percy smiled at him.

“Percy when he had you I'm sure she knew that with you being a demigod, nothing about raising you would be easy.” Grover said.

Percy nodded at him, “I know that now, but back then I didn't.”

Finally, she married Gabe Ugliano...reeked like moldy garlic pizza wrapped in gym shorts.

“While I’m concerned about how you know what that smells like, I’ve never heard you talk about him?” Annabeth looked at him questioningly.

“I have my reasons, It’s not something I like to go around proclaiming.” Percy snapped.

Annabeth flinched back and sat back fully in her seat.

Athena glared at him.

Percy sighed, “I’m sorry, I’m sure you’ll understand later. Gabe just isn’t something I like relieving.”

Clarisse looked at him understandingly, they may not get along but she wouldn’t joke or say something rude about this, if it’s what she thinks.

Between the two of us, we made my mom's life...Chips and beer cans were strewn over the carpet.

“Disgusting. It seems as though males get worse throughout time.” Artemis sniffed.

Hardly looking up...You got any cash?"

“I'm sorry, he asked you for money? A twelve year old!” Annabeth whispered, dangerously.

“Drachma.” Will told the gods, who looked confused.

Poseidon's mouth turned into a slight sneer, “Mortal’s.”

That was it. No welcome back. No good to see if that made him handsome or something.

“I’m sorry, but that’s disgusting.” Chris imputed.

Percy nodded, “Trying being around him for days at a time.”

Chris cringed.

He managed the Electronics Mega-Mart...he expected me to provide his gambling funds.

“That’s why you needed a summer job, wasn't it?” Hestia softly asked.

Percy nodded, “It wasn’t that bad, if anything I was very thankful to get out of the house.”

Athena looked at the book before looking at Percy, “Child, I’m not sure if you’d like to hear this next part, It seems like a very private thought.”

Percy raised an eyebrow before thinking, if this was talking about Gabe there were many things wrong with him, He did a lot of things Percy wouldn’t like to be read out loud. He looked at Athena.

“Whatever it is, it was most likely bound to come out. I’m fine with you reading it, My Lady.” Percy nodded at her.

Percy was very much not ok with whatever it was, but he had absolutely no choice.

He called that our 'guy secret.' Meaning, if I told my mom, he would punch my lights out.

Silence reigned throughout the throne room, you could probably hear a feather drop.

Percy knew in ancient Greece children were treasured, they were a blessing from the gods and many mortals had horrible punishments if they laid their hands on a child. Maybe Percy was hoping it would be anything but that, that would come out, Percy really needs to ask Tyche if she hates him.

“Excuse me?” Percy didn’t know who said that, he was a bit too busy panicking.

“I do hope that means something completely different from what I am thinking.” Nemesis said, right, that was a goddess who hadn’t talked at all Percy thought.

“No. It doesn’t. Percy, Gods, You could’ve told us, none of us would’ve ever judged you.” Annabeth whispered.

“He put his hands on you?” Triton asked, the edge to his voice made Percy want to bolt, Honestly! Triton hated him in his time, can’t he go back to doing that?

Percy cleared his throat, “Honestly, it was nothing. It happened sometimes, but not a lot. I dealt with it.”

That just made everyone more mad.

“You don’t just deal with things like that, son. He put his hands on a child, a demigod child, My child at that, no mortal ever has a right to lay their hands on a child, Perseus.” Poseidon carefully said.

Percy didn’t know what to say to that, his father had barely addressed him these past chapter’s and then just proclaimed him as his child, loudly at that. So Percy didn’t have much to say.

Many demigods were silent, Percy was someone many of them looked up to even if they would never admit it, they sometimes forget that he’s just like them. A demigod child, someone who went through traumatic situations.

“Can we please just forget about this. There was a reason I didn't want anyone to know.” Percy tried.

“Absolutely not. Percy, I understand why you didn’t tell us, but we can't just let this go. We will talk about this later.” Thaila said, with no room for argument.

“Fine. Just please read Lady Athena.” He said as respectful as possible.

"You took a taxi..."The kid just got here."

“He can do math, that’s surprising.” Will bit out.

"Fine," I said..."Your report card came, brain boy!"

Percy flinched enough for Rachel to notice. She put her arm around him trying to give him at least some comfort in this.

But as soon as I thought that...pounding its way up the stairs, growing long, horrible talons.

“Yes, Many demigods' first monster will always be hard for them.” Melinoe said.

Then I heard my mom's voice...and my fears melted.

Percy smiled, “She really is the best.”

My mother can make me feel good...or say a unkind word to anyone, not even me or Gabe

“I see where you get it from Percy.” Annabeth smiled.


“Your mothers patience, and the niceness, you have it. I rarely hear you curse, much less say something rude towards someone in a non-joking manner.” Annabeth explained.

Dionysus rolled his eyes, he very much doubted the demigod was that nice.

"Oh, Percy." She hugged me tight. "I can't believe it. You've grown since Christmas!"

“Adults always say that!” Pollux complained.

We sat together on the edge of the bed...Was her little boy doing all right?

Psyche smiled, “She sounds like a wonderful mother, there’s not many like her.”

Percy nodded, “She’s one of a kind.”

I told her she was smothering me...I gritted my teeth.

“When we get back, I'm murdering him.” Annabeth abruptly said.

“Get in line.” Thaila shot at her.

“You guys, he’s dead. I promise you.” Percy smiled at them, he can’t believe he has such good friends sometimes.

“Did it hurt?” Rachel asked.

“Not exactly, I'm sure you’ll see at the end of the book.” Percy smirked at her.

My mom is the nicest lady in the world. She should've been married to a millionaire, not to some jerk like Gabe.

“Paul may not be a millionaire, but he’s good for her and that’s all I care about.” Percy grunted.

For her sake, I tried to sound upbeat...Even Nancy Bobofit didn't seem so bad.

Travis raised an eyebrow, “How’d you do that?”

“Lot’s of thinking and lying,”

Until that trip to the museum...but I thought it would sound stupid.

“Percy!” Most demigods groaned.

“I thought she’d think I was crazy!” He defended.

She pursed her lips...My eyes widened. "Montauk?"

Grover glared at him, while Percy just smiled.

"Three nights-same cabin."...Gabe said there wasn’t enough money.

“Nope, I’ll bring him back to life just to kill him again.” Nico finally said.

“Please do not son, I’d rather not have to deal with that as horrible as he may be.” Hades sighed.

Nico looked at him and slightly huffed but nodded.

Gabe appeared in the doorway and growled. "Bean dip, Sally? Didn't you hear me?"

Many people, demigods and gods alike were muttering under their breath.

I wanted to punch him,

“Do it!” Clarisse encouraged.

Percy shook his head, “That wouldn’t have gone over well at all.”

Clarisse now looked like she wanted to punch him even more.

but I met my mom's eyes...You mean you were serious about that?"

“Does this mortal have a brain?” Rhode whispered to her siblings.

“I'm wondering the exact same thing.” Kymopoleia agreed.

Amphitrite looked at the two of them and shook her head with amusement in her eyes, she didn’t get to see her children much. So seeing them interact was beautiful to her.

"I knew it." I muttered. "He won't let us go."

“He better, or I will find him.” Annabeth muttered.

Percy thought about telling her again he was dead but decided against it.

"Of course he will...Sour cream. The works."

“Beautiful bribery, shouldn’t be necessary but still beautiful.” Conner nodded.

Gabe softened a bit. "So thus money for your comes out of your clothes budget, right?"

“Disgraceful.” Charis muttered, if Percy wasn’t mistaken he read about her in the odyssey. Goddess of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity and fertility. Percy was very happy he remembered that.

"Yes, honey...if the kid apologies for interrupting my poker game."

“Interrupting?!” Thalia exploded.

Many were heard muttering around the throne room.

Maybe if I kick you in your soft spot, I thought. And make you sing soprano for a week.

Rhodes snorted, “As nice as that would be, brother, like you said I'm sure it wouldn't go over well.”

Percy startled and looked at her. She was smiling slightly at him which Percy found very weird , he hadn’t met Rhodes in his time but from his time spent with Triton he honestly thought she wouldn’t like him either.

But my mom’s eyes warned me not to make him mad.

“She knew, she knew he was violent didn’t she.” Artemis looked at the boy.

Percy nodded, “I’m almost positive, My Lady, that he put his hands on her.”

“He did what?” Hebe said, dangerously.

Even many of the gods look annoyed, Percy was annoyed by that. Most of these gods had put their hands on a woman, even going as far to sexually assault them. It’s not like Percy wasn’t mad about it, but these gods had no room to talk.

He of course kept that to himself but still said nothing and just nodded.

Why did she put up with this guys? I wanted to scream. Why did she care what he thought?

“I understand why now.” Percy sighed.

“There’s a reason?” Thanatos asked, talking for the first time in this chapter.

“I'm sure it comes up, Grover tells me why.” Percy explained.

He nodded.

"I'm sorry. " I muttered...His tiny brain was probably trying to detect sarcasm in my statement.

The sea siblings looked at each other with amusement, they had practically just said the same thing.

"Yeah, whatever," he decided.

“I’m sorry, did he really not detect the sarcasm in that?” Annabeth asked, surprised.

“Like I said, he’s not the brightest.” Percy snorted.

He went back to his game...whatever you've forgotten to tell me, okay?"

“She’s a very perceptive woman.” Apollo interrupted.

Percy narrowed his eyes at him but nodded nonetheless.

for the whole weekend..."Not one little scratch."

Hebe blinked, “You're what? twelve summers in this Perseus?”

Percy scrunched his nose at his full name but nodded at her.

“From what I’ve been told about ‘cars’ from you demigods, it seems unsafe for a child who’s twelve summers to be using this contraption.” Hebe said with widened eyes.

“I wouldn’t be driving it, but if anything had happened to it he would’ve blamed me anyway.” Percy explained.

“Mortal’s disrespecting demigods, disgraceful.” Kymopoleia bit out, quietly.

Like I’d be the one driving. I was twelve.

Pollux snorted at the coincidence.

But that didn’t matter to Gabe...he'd find a way to blame me.

“Yeah, the car was the least of our problems.” Percy told Grover.

Grover glared at him.

Watching him lumber back if he'd been shot from a cannon.

Thanatos looked over at Psyche who also seemed confused, “If Pan was here he’d be freaking out.” Thanatos told her.

She snorted and nodded, “Definitely, at first I was confused why we were learning about a demigod's life. I know the fates told us he was important to the apparent wars coming up, but beside the fury this demigod didn’t seem like much. Using Satyr when he is very obviously not a satyr is, while slightly off putting, also means he is very powerful.”

“How’d you do that?” Grover interrogated.

Percy flinched back in surprise, “Goodness, G-man, get up and personal why don't you.”

“That was Satyr magic Percy!” He exlamined.

“He’s right child, I’ve never seen a demigod do that. Well, except for Dionysus over here.” Hermes pointed at Dionysus who glared at him.

“I’m not sure how it happened.” Percy shrugged.

The gods looked at him for a few more seconds before Athena started reading again.

Maybe it was just the wind, or some freak accident with the hinges, but I didn't stay long enough to find out.

“As much as the mortal seems horrible, I wouldn’t do that.” Zeus said.

Our rental cabin was on the south shore...and spiders in the cabinets,

Annabeth shivered, “Absolutely not.”

Percy smiled at her in amusement.

and most of the time the sea...I loved the place.

“You would, many of the times demigods thrive in the domain of their godly parents.” Paean said.

The demigods nodded.

We’d been going there since I was a baby...It was the place where she'd met my dad.

Thaila looked surprised, “Really? Honestly most mortals are bitter when a god leaves them they try to avoid anything to do with that god.”

Percy raised an eyebrow, “And you know that… how?”

“I had a mother, Jackson. Just because she’s dead doesn’t mean I didn't know her.” Thaila shot at him.

Percy’s eyes widened comically, “Thaila! You know that's not what I meant.”

Thalia finally burst out laughing, “Your face, Jackson.” She breathed out between laughs.

“Is it concerning to you that they're joking about death?” Tyche asked Thanatos.

Thanatos looked just as confused as she felt. Zeus looked constipated, whether it be his future lover is dead or the fact they’re joking about death, who knows.

“You two are horrible, you know that.” Nico said, amused.

Before they could answer, Athena cut them off to read.

As we got closer to Montauk...Her eyes turned the color of the sea.

“Neriad?” Amphitrite guessed.

Percy looked confused, “Not that I know of, My Lady.”

She raised an eyebrow at him, “Her eye’s changing color, that’s not normal from what I understand of mortals.”

“I’d have to ask her, I'm not completely sure.” Percy explained.

I guess I should explain the blue food...She did have a rebellious streak, like me.

“So that's with the blue food!” Conner jumped up.

“Gods, Conner, You could’ve just asked why I ate blue food.” Percy looked close to bursting out in laughter.

“Annabeth told me not to ask because anytime she asked you, you ignored her,so I figured you would ignore me too, but we finally know!” Conner exclaimed.

Percy nodded, he probably actually wouldn’t have told Conner.

Annabeth glared at Percy, “ That’s the reason?”

Percy held up two hands, “Look I just wanted it to be between me and my mother, it was an inside thing.”

She huffed but said nothing else.

When it got dark, we made a fire...but I never got tired of hearing them.

Piper nodded, “My dad has a game with me, he’d ask me a question and then I’d ask him one about my mother. It’s hard growing up without a parent and another parent who doesn’t like talking about them.”

Thalia looked at her with an unreadable expression but said nothing.

Percy nodded, “It is, than finding out who they are can be even harder, you're taking it better than I would’ve.”

Poseidon looked at him with a frown before turning away.

Piper smiled at him. She was having an internal battle, but she was trying her hardest to hide it.

"He was kind, Percy," know, and his green eyes."

“She’s right, you look almost identical. If I didn’t know better I’d say you were him in his teenage form.” Hephaestus told him.

“Many of our children look like us but not how you look that much like Poseidon.” Aphrodite imputed.

The sea siblings peered at Percy curiously, what made this demigod so special to where he looked almost identical to their father.

Mom fished a blue jelly bean…A warm glow, a smile.

“You have an astronomical memory, Perseus.” Ieso said. Percy was positive she was like a granddaughter of Apollo, She’d heard them talking earlier.

Zeus just shook his head and muttered something about laws.

I had always assumed...I felt angry at my father. Maybe it was stupid,

Percy cringed, “I have some pretty bad thoughts in this book, I can already tell im either going to offend him or make him mad.” He whispered to Grover remembering their talk after the Medusa incident.

“Boy, It is not our fault, we are gods, we have other things to do than be around our children.” A minor god whom Percy did not know the name of shot at him.

And well, that made him mad. “It doesn’t matter if it's your fault or not, there are demigods who turn away from the gods, do horrible things. Children are growing up without their parents, and another parent who a lot of times does not like them because they are a product of you guys.” Percy was standing now, glaring at said minor god who had backed away from the very mad demigod.

Maybe Percy was still bitter about it, but he wasn’t going to admit that.

All the gods in the room were now looking at him, he was breathing heavily. He hadn’t expected himself to go off like that. He breathed out trying to calm himself.

Conner coughed making everyone turn to him, “He’s not completely wrong, many demigods are bitter about it, they just usually don't say it to you guy’s faces.”

Thalia and Nico were now standing beside Percy talking to him.

“I'm fine! I just got wound up.” He whispered-yelled.

They both rolled their eyes at him and pushed him down back on the couch before sitting right next to him.

Poseidon was staring at Percy, he could very well hear the bitterness in Percy’s voice. He wasn’t just talking about everyone else. He was including himself in that. Poseidon may not know anything about his child just yet, but it didn’t mean he didn’t care about him. He was never good at showing his emotions towards his children.

Athena carefully started reading again.

but I resented we were stuck with Smelly Gabe.

Poseidon slightly cringed at that. He still wasn’t over that someone put their hands on his child.

"Are you going to send me away..."Because you don't want me around?"

That got him a slap on the head from Thaila.

“You know I liked it better when you were not sitting beside me.” Percy glared.

She smirked at him.

I regretted the words as soon as they were out...I thought you’d finally be safe.

Percy snorted, “That's never going to happen.”

"Safe from what?"...right in the middle of his head.

“Really, a cyclops, Poseidon.” Zeus sighed.

“The ancient laws say we can't visit our children.” Poseidon told him.

Hades raised an eyebrow, “he’s got you there Zeus.”

Zeus just rolled his eyes.

In every single school, something creepy had happened, something unsafe, and I was forced to move.

“Yeah, that was never fun.” Percy muttered.

I knew I should tell my mom...end our trip to Montauk, and I didn’t want that.

That got him smacked by both Thaila and Nico.

“Really?!” Percy glared.

"I’ve tried to keep you as close...about a summer camp?

All the demigods smiled.

And if it was so important, why hadn't she ever mentioned it before?

“That is a good question.” Chis said.

"Im sorry, Percy...might mean saying goodbye to you for good."

“If only you did stay year round, then I could pulverize you year round.” Clarisse sighed.

“Really. That’s all you care about?” Percy looked at her like she was crazy

She shrugged.

"For good?...goading goading animals to fight harder.

“Honestly, Hades, must you join in on their little fights.” Hestia said, disapprovingly.

Nico huffed, “Must you automatically blame him.”

Hestia raised an eyebrow, thankfully she didn’t find it as disrespectful as some of the other gods did.

I ran toward them...and I screamed, No!

Zeus smirked at the both of them.

“You’re an absolute child.” Poseidon huffed.

Zeus glared.

I woke up with a start...But the ocean seemed to have forgotten.

“Seems as though the fight made Poseidon mad.” Athena said, mostly to herself.

Triton looked at his siblings, “Honestly, what could make Father this mad, to the point he’s making hurricanes and fighting with both of our uncles.”

They shrugged.

Over the roar of the wind...he wasn't exactly Grover.

“That’s what you're focusing on? Not the random hurricane out of nowhere.” Annabeth snorted.

Percy just smirked innocently.

"Searching all night," he gasped. "What were you thinking?"

“That you were creeping me out!” Percy explained, slowly.

Grover reached over Nico and smacked him.

“What's with you people and smacking me today!” He cried.

My mother looked at me in terror...What didn't you tell me?"

“Just about everything.” Nico muttered.

I was frozen, looking at Grover..."O Zeu kai alloi theoi!" He yelled.

That got Grover quite a few glares from the gods.

“Must you children curse by our names?” Psyche sighed.

They all just looked sheepish.

"It's right behind me!...where his legs should be…

“Goodness Percy, get to the point.” Katie sighed.

“I was in shock!” He defended.

My mom looked at me sternly...There were cloven hooves.

“Finally.” Conner exclaimed.

“Like I said, shock.” Percy sighed.

Annabeth slightly coughed, “I can read next, mother.”

She nodded and handed the book to Annabeth.

“Just so you all are aware, if you interrupt me too many times, I will throw this book at your head, or a dagger at your face.” She glared.


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Chapter 5: My Mother Teaches Me Bullfighting


Percy, Bullfighting isn't fun.




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Chapter Text

“That sounds fun!” Leo piped up.

Percy shook his head quickly, “Definitely not.”

Leo deflated.

We tore through the night along dark Country roads...but she kept her foot on the gas.

“Yeah, Definitely never want to experience that again.” Grover shivered.

Percy rolled his eyes, “It wasn’t that bad.”

Grover looked at him incredulously.

Every time there was a flash of lightning...if he was wearing some kind of shag-carpet pants.

The Stolls and a few others bursted out laughing, “Oh that's great Perce.” Travis choked out.

“Shag-carpet pants?” Thanatos said, slowly.

“I don’t even know, I just wish Pan was here for this.” Psyche breathed out in disbelief.

“Percy!” Grover shouted.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t know.” He defended.

But, no, the smell was one I remembered...the smell of wet barnyard animal.

“Percy. I’m going to murder you.” Grover calmly said.

Before Percy could respond to that Hermes cut him off.

“I would kindly appreciate it if you stopped insulting my son's creations.” Hermes gritted out, annoyed.

Percy put his hand up in surrender, “I can’t help my thoughts, I already said this earlier!” he complained.

Hermes glared.

All I could think to say was, "So, you and my mom...know each other?"

“Oh my gods, Percy.” Travis coughed out in the middle of his laughter.

“What else was I supposed to say!” He whined.

“Literally anything else.” Thaila said, looking at him like he was crazy.

Grover's eyes flitted to the rearview mirror...But she knew I was watching you."

“Ok, I’m done waiting for it to come up in the books. Why exactly were you watching him, why are you with mortals? You’ve told us they don’t believe we exist which is absolutely dumb in itself, so explain .” Dionysus snapped.

Percy snorted quietly, “Impatient” He muttered to Nico.

“I heard that, boy , be careful. You’ve angered many gods already, you don’t want me as an enemy.” He glared at Percy, who in turn returned a glare.

Right before Dionysus could say anything about Percy’s glare or the fact that no one was answering his questions., Hestia held up her hand, which in turn silenced everyone.

“Now Dionysus calm down, I’m sure the Daughter of Athena can look through the book to see when it is explained.” After that she turned towards Percy and shot him a disapproving glance. “Peresus, I ask that you stop angering god’s, while it may or may not be intentional your glaring and attitude is disrespectful towards us all.”

Percy's face skewered in annoyance, “While it may seem like a foreign concept to you gods, Respect isn’t a given, it’s earned and very few of you have earned my respect, and the ones that have in my time, havn’t in this time.” He pointed that last part towards a certain few gods. Specifically, Apollo, Hermes, Poseidon and even a little at Hades.

That had both god and demigod staring at him in absolute disbelief. The demigods have of course heard him be disrespectful once or twice, but to tell the olympian council that they have to earn respect to their face was a whole other thing, especially an olympian council that was from ancient greece where respect was always given no matter the circumstance.

The gods on the other hand couldn’t choose between being furious and surprised. They had never met a demigod this disrespectful, someone who would say to their face they didn’t just deserve respect because they were gods. This boy wasn’t scared of them at all, he himself had the aura of a minor god, maybe he knew that and that was why he disregarded any types of manners while speaking to gods, because he thought he could take them if they tried anything.

Zeus breathed out, this demigod was going to anger him many times he already knew this, but he couldn’t believe he would say this. He was slightly impressed that this boy had the bravery, but he also knew it could be an ego making him say this. He’d have to talk to his brother about having Poseidon reigning that boy in.

“I just can’t even.” Thalia breathed out, right before slapping Percy straight in the back of the head.

“OW!” He cried.

“Are you trying to get blasted!?” She inquired, innocently.

“No! I’m just pointing it out. And stop hitting me!” He glared.

“Definitely doesn’t sound like that.” Rhodes muttered in complete disbelief. Kymopoleia snorted right next to her and nodded.

Triton shook his head, this child reminded too much of one of his own children, Pallas. She’s not afraid to speak her mind around anyone either, she was also annoyingly reckless when it came to fighting, just as this child seemed to be.

“Alright, everyone, let's calm down. We can talk about… whatever this is later. For now let's just get back to the book.” Poseidon attempted, holding a hand up.

Annabeth nodded, and slowly but surely started reading.

"Watching me?"..."I am your friend."

"The best one I could ask for G-Man.” Percy smiled.

Grover smiled back, gratefully.

"Urm . . . what are you, exactly?"

“Percy! That’s rude.” Annabeth reprimanded.

That wasn’t the offensive part.” Grover huffed.

Percy whistled innocently.

"That doesn’t matter right best friend is a donkey—"

“Oh, yeah that’s not the smartest thing to say.” Travis winced.

“Be glad that wasn’t coach Hedge.” Clarrise grinned.

“I’m not even going to ask who that is, due to the fact I'm sure he would trample me, if you're grinning like that.” Percy cringed.

Many of the demigods nodded.

“You just try to annoy people don’t you child.” Melinoe muttered.

Percy put his hand’s up, “Not on purpose!”

“Ah, I say again, If only Pan was here.” Thanatos chuckled.

Grover let out a sharp, was more of an irritated bleat.

Snorts were heard.

"Goat!" He cried...from the waist down."

“Didn’t you just say it didn’t matter?” Piper questioned.

Annabeth snorted.

"You just said it didn’t matter."

“See, he agrees with me.” Piper nodded.

Grover huffed, “I wasn’t going to let him call me a donkey!”

"Blaa-ha-ha. There are Satyrs who would trample you..."So you admit there was a Mrs. Dodds!"

“That’s what you're focusing on.” Annabeth raised an eyebrow.

“I spent months thinking I was insane, excuse me for wanting some clarification.” Percy glared.

No one had anything to say to that.

"Of course." that should be perfectly obvious.

“Honestly, for a good fifteen minutes, I thought this was a weird dream.” Percy shrugged.

"We put Mist over the human's eyes...You started to realize who you are."

“The Mist?” Dionysus questioned, would they finally be getting answers?

Grover nodded, “It’s why the mortals couldn’t see I was a satyr, the mist was covering their eyes. It should come up most likely in the next chapter or the chapter after that.”

"Who I- wait a minute...the Lord of the Dead and a few of his blood-thirstiest minions."

“Grover!” The demigods yelled.

“Blood-thirstiest minions, huh. Never thought of the fury’s like that.” Psyche muttered.

“I’d like to know why I’m wasting my time attempting to kill Poseidon's spawn?” Hades rubbed his hand over his face, annoyed.

“I’d like to know that too.” Poseidon glared.

My mom made a hard left...Try to understand. You’re in danger.”

“Aren’t I always?” Percy sighed.

"Because some old ladies cut yarn."

“That’s exactly why!” Will rolled his eyes.

‘I know that now.” Percy stressed.

"Those weren’t old ladies." Grover said...when you're about to...when someone's about to die."

“Grover, we need to teach you how to lie.” Conner shook his head.

“Absolutely not, you two stay away from me.” Grover scooted back.

Rachel snorted, “I can see it now, Conner and Travis kidnapping you, just to teach you how to lie.” She made dramatic motions with her hands.

“See! Even our favorite oracle says it’s going to happen!” Travis exclaimed.

Rachel rolled her eyes, “I’m the only oracle.”

Apollo sat up, “That’s why you’re here? You're the oracle?”

Rachel started, “Did I not introduce myself as the oracle?” She looked at everyone incredulously, “You guys just let me forget that!?”

Percy shrugged, “We thought you just wanted to have them wait until you became the oracle in the book.”

Rachel stared at him for a moment before shaking her head, “No, I’m sorry I completely forgot. Yes, Lord Apollo, I’m the oracle. Though It didn’t really happen until a few weeks ago.”

“I’m so confused.” Hermes muttered, “You’re a mortal, so that in itself is weird for you being an oracle, but how do you know we exist then? I thought the mist or whatever that is blocked you from seeing us.”

“I’m one of the few mortals that can see through the mist, Percy’s mother could, but that’s really all I know about who can see through the mist.” Rachel shrugged.

Dionysus shakes his head, “That makes me think you must have some godly blood in you, whether it be from one of us, or even a nature spirit, it would make more sense, than just mortals randomly seeing through whatever the mist is.”

Percy whispered to Thaila, “You think my mother was descended from Apollo or even was half-nereid?”

Thaila shrugged, “Could be, it would make sense.”

"Whoa. You said you."...I said someone."

“Liar.” Percy coughed.

"You meant you...Not you, you."

“That hurt my brain.” Katie muttered.

“That was a lot of words.” Chris nodded.

"Boys!" my mom said.

“Sally is a life-saver.” Nico said.

She pulled the wheel hard to the right...She'd really meant to kill me.

“I feel as though that was very obvious.” Ares said, slowly.

“It didn’t feel real for a lot of it.” Percy shrugged.

Then I thought about Mr Brunner...and our car exploded.

Percy shuddered, phantom pain sucks.

Thalia threw an arm around him in comfort.

I remember feeling weightless...Lightning.

Zeus huffed, “Now why am I after this child, What did you do to incite the anger of the both of us, that was not mentioned in the book, nephew?”

Percy's jaw dropped in disbelief, “I obviously do not know what’s going on, I didn’t do anything! I was being wrongfully blamed.”

“We don’t just wrongfully blame someone, without an investigation into the person to make sure they actually did it.” Hades raised an eyebrow.

“Well not this time.” Percy dropped back against the couch in defeat.

That was the only explanation. We'd been blasted right off the road.

“That would’ve had to hurt, it explains the injuries you had when you got to the camp.” Will winced in sympathy.

Percy nodded.

Next to me in the're my best friend and I don't want you to die!

“I’m flattered.” Grover said, flatly.

Percy grinned.

Then he groaned "Food," and I knew there was hope.

Percy's grin grew.

"Percy," my mother said...made it look like he had horns.

Poseidon sat up in disbelief, “You two are absolutely children ! The minotaur after a twelve year old?”

“Don’t even Poseidon, Don’t try defending him when you don’t know what he’s done. And you created the beast, if you want to be angry at anyone be it yourself.” Hades held up his hand.

“I didn’t do anything!” Percy exclaimed.

I swallowed hard...White House Christmas tree sized pine at the crest of the nearest hill.

“It’s me!” Thalia clapped.

“Excuse me?” Zeus asked.

Thalia eyes widened, “I’m sure it’ll come up, but in technicality, i'm the tree.”

Percy shook his head, “If only you had stayed a tree.”

That got him hit with a pillow, and looks of disbelief from the gods.

“I have so many questions.” Hebe muttered.

"That’s the property line...Don't stop until you reach the door."

Annabeth shook her head.

"Mom, you’re coming too."

“Fatal flaw?” Athena guessed, surprised.

Percy nodded, “Excessive Personal Loyalty.”

Apollo eyebrows raised, “Would’ve guessed recklessness.”

Percy huffed, “It’s the loyalty that makes me reckless.”

Her face was pale...And the points that looked like horns…

“Gods Percy, you're slow.” Clarrise huffed out.

"He doesn’t want us," my mother told me. “He wants you. Besides, I can't cross the property line."

“Comforting.” Thalia muttered.

"But. . . "...I got mad then-

“As intimidating as you are when you’re mad, you would never get mad at your mom.” Travis said.

Percy nodded, “First off, not intimidating, second, your right I wouldn’t ever get truly mad at her, just heat of the moment type of thing.”

Travis rolled his eyes.

—mad at my mother...Help me with Grover."

“You really are the best Perce.” Grover sighed.

“Grover, I wasn’t going to leave you, I hope you knew that.” Percy sighed.

Grover shrugged, “You never know.”

I didn’t wait for her answer…horns with points you couldn’t just get from an electric sharpener.

Laughter was heard from around the throne room.

I recognized the monster, all right..."Pasiphae's son." my mother said.

“She’s a smart woman.” Athena approved.

"I wish I’d known how badly they want to kill you."

“Yeah! For being alive .” Percy stressed, to any god who looked at him.

"But he's the Min—"..."Names have power."

“Something, someone I know has never understood.” Annabeth glared.

“No idea who you’re talking about.” Percy looked away, innocently.

“The Pine tree was still too far away…not a scratch, I remember Gabe saying.

Travis laughed, “Finally! Karma!.”


“I love your humor.” Nico chuckled.

"Percy," my mom said...I was selfish, keeping you near me."

Percy shook his head, “No she wasn’t, I understand why she did it.”

"Keeping me near you?...He reeked like rotten meat.

That had a lot of noses wrinkled.

He lowered his head and the last moment, I jumped to the side.

“Good instincts.” Nemesis nodded.

The bull-man stormed past...trying to lead the monster away from Grover.

“I’m sorry Percy.” Grover whispered.

Percy shook his head, “It was my choice to lead you to the camp, don’t blame yourself.”

"Run, Percy!"...He lifted her as she struggled, kicking and pummeling the air.

Percy swallowed hard, he didn’t want to relive this. He had felt so helpless the whole time and he couldn’t even save his own mother.

“Many of y’all said you’ve met her, so she couldn’t have died.” Kymopoleia said, quickly.

Amphitrite shook her head, she may not like the child because he’s a symbol of her husband's adultery, but no child should ever have to watch their mother be killed.

"Mom!"...A blinding flash, and she was simply . . . gone.

Thalia swallowed, harshly. She heard of Percy’s first quest but hearing it first hand like this made her want to puke.

“Mortal’s don’t die in a flash of light, meaning” Aphrodite trailed off, looking to Hades.

“I have absolutely no idea what my future self is thinking, or what he’s trying to accomplish but kidnapping this boy’s mother.” Hades shrugged.

“I need both of you to know, you have absolutely no reason to go after who I call a lover and if you do in this time.” Poseidon let the warning go unsaid.

"No!”...couldn’t allow that.

Clarrise clapped her hands together, “Finally get to know how this went down.”

Percy rolled his eyes, “I can assure you it wasn’t all that great.”

She waved him off.

I stripped off my red rain jacket..."Hey, stupid! Ground beef!"

“Horrible insults, I’ll teach you more later.” Clarrise said off-handedly.

"Raaaarrrrr!" The monster turned towards me...But it didn't happen like that.

“If everything happened the way we wanted it to, life would be too easy.” Rachel sighed.

The bull-man charged too fast...turning in midair, and landing on his neck.

“The questions I have are doubling by the minute.” Hebe whispered.

“How in the Had- heck did you do that?” Travis corrected after getting a sharp glare from Nico.

Percy shrugged, “it was raining, could’ve been that.”

Poseidon shook his head, “The rain isn’t my domain, Perseus, It couldn’t have been that.”

Percy shrugged again.

How did I do that?...the impact nearly knocked my teeth out.

“And that explains the concussion you had.” Will nodded.

“Must you go straight into my tree?” Thalia sighed, dramatically.

“It’s not like I chose too!” Percy cried.

The bull-man staggered around...I put both hands around one horn and I pulled with all my might.

“No offense, child, but I very much doubt you’re going to be able to do that.” Charis said with a raised eyebrow.

The monster tensed, gave a surprised grunt, then—snap!

“How in the..” Thanatos trailed off.

“Should we be concerned about how strong the child is with no training?” Hera muttered to her husband.

Zeus considered for a moment then shook his head, “The Moirai said this demigod is the reason Olympus is still standing. He may be bitter and disrespectful, but I'm not worried about his strength. If loyalty is his fatal flaw, and he’s loyal to his friends and they’re on our side, then he’s loyal to us.”

The bull-man screamed and flung me through the air...the same way Mrs Dodds had burst apart.

“You killed a minotaur with no training, just how good are you?” Paean questioned.

Percy shrugged, “Not that good, I'd say it was pure luck.”

Rhodes looked at him in disbelief, “Twice?”

He shrugged.

The gods just looked at him in disbelief, a demigod saying defeating someone was luck? Didn’t even have slight pride about defeating a monster; some of the best have gone after, with years of training and died, and did it at twelve with no help.

The monster was gone...but there was Grover, needing my help,

“Loyal to a fault.” Artemis muttered.

so I managed to haul him up...a pretty girl, her blonde hair curled like a princess’.

Annabeth blushed.

They both looked down at me..."Silence, Annabeth,"

“ ‘The one’ Is he Annie.” Thalia teased.

“Shut up I was twelve!” She hissed.

the man said. "He's still conscious. Bring him inside."

“Yeah, conscious and in pain.” Percy muttered.

“That’s the end of the chapter.” Annabeth clapped together and shoved the book away from her.

“I know we took a break last chapter but you all seem hungry and we seem to have much to talk about. Let's break for lunch, we’ll come back and read five or six more chapters than go to bed.” Hestia got up and motioned everyone to follow her.


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Chapter 6: Intermission (Or percy pisses off another god)


Percy, really, must you?



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Chapter Text

Follow me, children,” Hestia announced as she got up and mentioned for the kids to follow her.

They all looked at her and then at each other and immediately jumped up, they followed her out with the gods also getting up and following close behind. The big three kids, Nico, Percy, and Thalia all sat down at the very end of one of the four tables in the room, muttering quietly to each other. While others paired up with their friends and sat closely together, none of them were too far away from each other. The gods hesitated slightly, looking around before Hebe slowly, but surely started making her way toward where Katie, Clarrise, Annabeth and Rachel were all sitting. The gods looked towards each other before nodding and spreading out around the children.

Hermes sat with Apollo and Hephestus, across from some of the girls and the Stolls, who were muttering about something Hephestus did not want to think about. While Hades, Hades' Wife, Zeus, Zeus's Wife, Poseidon, and Poseidon's wife and children sat a few seats away from Thaila, Nico, and Percy. The others spread out near their children not saying anything just listening.

“You can’t avoid this forever, Percy.” Poseidon heard, said from Zeus’s spawn he thinks.

“I can very well try,” Percy muttered, honestly could people not leave him alone when he said he didn’t want to talk about something? His thoughts were already on display, he didn’t need to talk about feelings that were most likely already going to come out.

“Fine, but we will talk about this later, understand?” Nico whispered, low enough to where Poseidon had to strain to hear it.

“Fine! But not now and not in the middle of a dining hall.” They nodded and fell into silence for a moment before Kympopoleia broke first, and finally asked her questions.

“So, little brother, I have many questions for you.” Kymopoleia inquired, quickly. Gods she had been waiting to ask her questions forever, finally she could. Poseidon gave her a disapproving look but said nothing else.

He was startled but nodded nonetheless, and made a ‘go ahead’ motion with his hand.

“What exactly do you mean by 'feelings’ Is this like an instinct in your gut or does it feel like someone is whispering to you? And the lies, from what I’ve heard you are easily able to find out if someone is lying to you, is it something you always have been able to do or something that happened as you became a demi-god.” She shot at him quickly.

“Goodness, the feelings I'm not sure about it, it’s kind of both, it kind of feels like a sixth sense, like someone is shouting “danger is coming” at me. Before it even happens I tend to tense up like I know something is going to happen even when I don't know, but it's also a feeling in my gut, instinct per se, so I can’t say one or the other. And the lies I don’t even know, I guess it’s always happened. If some people would stop lying to me we wouldn’t have the problem of them being caught.” Percy shot that last part toward the two demigods sitting next to him.

They looked away from him in innocence, he rolled his eyes but nodded to Kymopoleia once he was done, Kymopoleia wasn’t looking at him anymore, she was very lowly muttering with her siblings.

“Right.” Percy drawled, confused but shrugged nonetheless, he’d figure that out later.

“Is it just me or are they staring us down?” Thalia whispered after a few moments of very awkward silence. She wasn’t wrong, out of the ten or eleven gods sitting at the table seven were staring at them, it was very creepy. Maybe the ancient Greeks had staring problems?

Percy nodded, “Nope, they are. I’m slightly uncomfortable.” His laugh was strained when it came out.

“Should we… stare back?” Nico questioned, confused. That just got him weird looks from the two demigods next to him. He rolled his eyes at them. It was just a suggestion.

Thankfully Piper came up at that exact time, “I’m sorry I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything.” She said.

“Not at all! What do you need?” Percy smiled at her as much as he could at the moment.

“I was just wondering if me and Thaila could talk, I know she told me she'd show me some Greek. If not, that's fine.” Piper rambled, quickly.

“Oh of course! Sorry, I forgot, follow me!” Thila jumped up as if she’d rather be anywhere else but the table, Percy didn’t blame her.

“Dang, why didn’t I promise to show someone something,” Percy muttered, watching the two walk off.

Nico snorted, “Well I have anywhere else to be but here.” He announced as he got up.

Percy grabbed his arm and glared, “You are not leaving me here Di Angelo.” He hissed, quietly.

Nico glared right back, “I’m not staying here either, I’d rather not be stared at like a zoo animal attraction.” He whisper-yelled.

‘Actually Perseus, I’d like to talk to you.” Poseidon said, watching the two's interaction quietly.

Percy's eyes widened comically, while Nico’s showed pure amusement as he pulled out of Percy’s grip. He bent down and whispered in Percy’s ear, “Good luck, my annoying friend, you will be dearly missed.” The glare Percy sent him as he walked away was a glare Nico was fine never seeing again.

“Of course.” Percy strained out, oh this was the worst day of his life. He swore either the fates hated him or Tyche did. He was going to have a conversation with her. Percy slowly got up, the passing thought of running was sounding very good right now.

Zeus nodded at Poseidon, they had been having a mental conversation while the demigods were talking with Kymopoelia, it mostly consisted of back-and-forth arguing, but eventually, Zeus had gotten to the point. He needed Poseidon to reign the child in, he was going to anger many gods and honestly, Zeus didn’t want to have to deal with that.

He needed Poseidon to do something about it, to at least talk to the child. If anyone was going to be able to get through to him, hopefully, it would be his father.


Percy had a sneaking suspicion about what this was about, but he had enough sense to keep his mouth shut. His father was slightly like Apollo in Ancient Greece, horrible as that sounds to him. They both were annoyingly temperamental and were very strike-happy. So Percy was going to wisely keep his mouth closed.

They had been standing in the middle of the hallway for a good minute and, gods was Percy starting to get uncomfortable, the staring and the silence were going to be the death of him. He shuffled his feet slightly, trying not to fidget.

Poseidon sighed, “Perseus, I have many things to say to you. The most important one is your disrespect.”

Percy's shoulders dropped, sure he knew that was going to be brung up but it being most important slightly hurt. This was his father and sure, he was a god, but maybe in the back of Percy’s mind, he was hoping that his father just wanted to ask him if he was okay. The fury, Gabe, his mother being kidnapped, the Minotaur. That didn’t worry his dad at all.

Percy bit the inside of his jaw, trying to keep his anger and hurt in check. This was not the dad he knew in his time, nor would it do him any good to lose his temper. He had been easy to anger since the second titan war, the stress and the deaths had put too much on him. So he had started snapping at everyone, at every turn. Doing it to his father probably wouldn’t end well for him.

He nodded at his father and waited for him to go on.

“I’m not sure where the disrespect comes from, or what exactly you have against certain gods, but you have to remember they are gods. They are not someone to test yourself against.” Poseidon stressed to him.

Is that what he thought Percy was doing? Testing himself against gods, seeing if they would take his disrespect. Just for fun? Was he not listening to the book? He was twelve getting dragged into a godly matter already, he wasn’t doing it for fun, the gods had shown that they couldn’t be responsible nor respectful. They had shown pure rudeness even after Percy had done everything for them.

Percy breathed out in absolute disbelief, this couldn’t be happening. Wasn’t this book supposed to show the gods how to be better parents because stuff like this happened to the point it pushed so many demigods to Kronos' side? He considered walking out, just going straight back to the dining hall. But instead, he breathed and looked back at his father who had opened his mouth to speak again.

“It is important you understand that, Perseus. You may come from a different time where we may be different but different or not. You shouldn’t be disrespecting gods so blatantly, with no understanding of the consequences that could come after it.” He was talking quickly, but sternly.

“I need you to assure me, son, that you won’t antagonize any god anymore,” Poseidon asked, he was trying his hardest to keep his son from the danger of the gods. He didn’t want to see him hurt. He cared for his children, demigod, or god.

He wouldn’t take another of his children dying at the hands of a god. He needed this child to promise him that he would be safe near the gods. Wouldn’t do anything to antagonize them. He didn’t know if he had ever met his son in his son's time, but either time he’d hoped his future self would do the same.

“No.” Percy simply said, shrugging as if this was just a normal conversation.

Poseidon blinks, he’s not sure he heard that right. His son did not just… Poseidon took a deep breath. “Say that again for me, Perseus.”

“No. I can’t promise it. Listen, Da- Father.” He corrects himself quickly before speaking again. “I can’t promise it, I won’t let people disrespect me, I’ll always have respect for people or gods at first but once they show me they can’t respect me, I don't respect them. I’ve done so much for the gods and no I don't disrespect them because I think I’m better, I do it because I refuse to let them push me around.” Well, there goes the plan of keeping his mouth closed and not angering his father, and with that Percy bowed lightly and walked off, if he was going to anger his father he’d at least bow.

Poseidon watched him walk off, he didn’t know whether to be proud or furious. He wanted his child safe from the rest of the gods, he wanted Perseus to be safe. But it seemed as though Perseus got his best and worst qualities. The stubbornness and the refusal to follow orders, and the kindness and loyalty. Poseidon rubbed his forehead. This was going to be a very long reading. He needed to try to talk to Perseus again. This time without either of them angering each other.

He decided he was frustrated, he wasn’t going to lose his temper over this.


Percy walked back into the dining hall, and many of the gods' eyes went to him curiously, Percy was attempting to calm himself from his rant, but at the same time trying to understand what his father was saying.

Percy slowly walked over to where his siblings were sitting and where the gods had been sitting earlier. He stopped right next to his sibling and grimaced, they didn’t like him. He knew that but he still spoke, “I fear I may have angered our father, per se.” He cringed as the words came out of his mouth, and all the gods at the table turned to look at him incredulously.

“You did what, child?” Persephone asked as if she was hoping she was hearing things.

“Angered him, It wasn’t on purpose if it makes you feel any better.” He strained for a smile but it came out as a grimace.

Rhodes stared at him for a long second before turning at her siblings, Percy didn’t know if she was trying not to laugh or cry.

“What exactly did you say to him?” Zeus questioned.

Percy grimaced, “You have to understand, the war in our time made many people bitter, and as much as I hate to say it. It made me just as bitter as many of the demigods, I don’t have a brain-to-mouth filter many of the times and I'm aware of that, trust me.”

Percy saw Poseidon come out from the doorway and looked at the table of gods staring at him, he flashed them a smile and took off towards his friends.

“I have just done something incredibly stupid,” Percy said the demigods at the back of the room..

They sighed.


Poseidon watched as his son saw him and practically ran off towards the bean bags in the very back of the room a few demigods were sitting at. He shook his head before sitting down next to his wife. It was quiet around the table, he looked up to see everyone at the table staring at him.

“Hello to you too, Why are you staring at me?” He sighed, looking at them.

“Your son came over here saying he thought he angered you, We are merely wary of what exactly he said to make him think that,” Hades said, slowly.

Poseidon shook his head. “He did not anger me, just frustrated me. I do not understand where his anger comes from, he has been relatively calm and nice this reading, besides angering Apollo and slightly Dionysus. I’m annoyed, but not angry.” Poseidon looked over where Percy was sitting and shook his head, what exactly had he done to make his son that angry?

“I’m not sure either, we all are slightly concerned and confused about these demigods. Though as weird as this sounds, have any of you noticed no Romans are here?” Persephone questioned, attempting to stir the conversation away from Perseus and let Poseidon think in peace.

Zeus nodded, “I have, there has been no indication they know about Romans, but at the same time we can’t say they don’t know about them either.”

“Why wouldn’t they know about Romans? There’s no reason they shouldn’t.” Hades raised an eyebrow.

They shrugged.

Poseidon heard a loud laugh coming from the beanbags his son was at, it seemed Aphrodite’s spawn was laughing at something his son said. Looking at the demigods all around his son, they all looked amused, some even incredulous.

His son was attempting to hide a smile from them, his eyes were shining in happiness and Poseidon’s lip quirked upwards at the sight.

“I find it… I don’t know how to put it. Weird. Maybe? That there’s only one of each of your children here, Poseidon, Zeus.” Hades told them, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Especially since neither of them seemed to be talking about siblings. Of course, no offense to you Sister, and you Amphitrite.” He pointed the last point towards the two wives of his brothers.

Amphitrite sighed, “No offense taken. I understand.” Hera copied Amphritrite’s sigh and nodded.

“It is odd, Isn’t it?” Aphrodite startled everyone, they all slightly flinched and glared at her.

“Must you, Aphrodite?” Hera glared.

“I apologize. But I agree with Hades, it is slightly odd they have no siblings. Or at least none they talk about. They don’t seem like the type to forget about siblings.” Aphrodite answered, she had a slight frown on her face as if thinking hard.

Poseidon sighed, coming back into the conversation. “These demigods are different, I’m not sure if that’s good or bad just yet.”


“I have so many questions, Percy.” Thaila shook her head, this boy was something else completely.

“Look, I didn’t mean to!” He defended, honestly. It just came out, he has to work on a filter for his mouth.

Annabeth shook her head, “That wasn’t smart of you, Percy. You’ve already angered Apollo. Maybe, Mr. D., You don’t need to anger your Father. Apollo is a temperamental god. I’m sure you’ve heard the stories. Or do you need a refresher?” He shook his head. “Alright, Your father isn’t much different. Maybe not as dramatic as Apollo, but your father has wiped out islands because one person offended him. You better hope you didn’t actually anger him.”

Percy sighed, he knew this of course. He couldn’t help it sometimes.

“Let’s move on to another topic. Gabe.” Nico Said, swiftly ignoring Percy’s grimace and glare.

“Must we?” He sighed, he didn’t want to go there. He just got out of one fight, he didn’t need another. Especially about Gabe.

Thalia nodded, “Yes. He hit you.” It wasn’t phrased as a question. More of a fact.

He sighed. Welp not getting out of this now. “Yes. It was only once I got older. It was nothing horrible. Just a few beer cans were thrown and maybe a few hits.” He maybe was sugarcoating it slightly, but they didn’t need to know every little detail about Gabe.

Thaila didn’t look convinced, and neither did Annabeth. He always thought they were too smart for their own good. “I understand you want to know more, I do. But my thoughts have been read out for the last few hours. I honestly do not want to go more into it. Yes, he hit me, but that’s as much as you're going to get out of me.” He sighed.

Thaila sighed, she wanted to know more. She wanted to help Percy with whatever he was going through. She knew Gabe would’ve had to made a mark on Percy’s mental health. Her mother did the same thing whenever she was drunk. She wouldn’t push though, she”d wait till he was fully ready to talk with them.

“Fine, just know if you’d like to talk..” She left the ending off, hoping he knew what she meant.

He nodded and gave her a smile, “Of course, Thals.”

Will slid in next to them, “What are we talking about?”

Percy jumped and glared, “Really Will? Your worse than Nico at randomly popping up out of nowhere.” That got him a rude gesture from Nico.

Will shrugged, “I needed to get away from them.” His head nodded barely to the gods that were sitting at the table he had come from. “I was being questioned about things in the future and i didn’t want to spoil anything or stop a huge war from happening.”

Percy raised an eyebrow, “That’s weirdly specific? Did they interrogate you randomly about future wars?” His eyes flickered over towards Ares suspiciously, as if he was specifically asking if it was Ares.

Will snorted, “Something like that, and weirdly no it was not Lord Ares.” He stated, seeing Percy's eyes flicker.

Percy didn’t look convinced but nodded.

“So Percy, you said I looked like a princess right?” Annabeth smirked, teasingly.

He groaned.


“Alright children, let's go ahead and finish these next few chapters and then we can all sleep,” Hestia called out as she stood from the table the gods had gathered around.

Most of the demigods nodded and stood up. They were muttering amongst themselves as they followed Hestia back into the throne room. Many of the demigods went straight back to where they had been sitting. Grover went and sat with Hermes, as he had asked him to. Rachel, Percy, and Thaila all sat on the spare couch with Nico trailing behind them.

Demeter picked up the book and read out the title of the next chapter.


I PROMISE the next chapter will be much better. PINKY PROMISE.

Chapter 7: I Play Pinochle With A Horse


Honestly I didn't know geese could fly.



OKAY! First off I absolutely love Mr.D and Nico's relationship, like the nightmare help and the POPCORN stuff, that was so cute. And then at the end, he's like "My two favorite demigods are back." and OMG will and Nico are SO cute, the backstory we got more of them. During the first kiss, Nico asks Will out. THE FLOWER CROWN? THEIR FIRST MEETING IN TTC.

AND OMG the Cocoa Puffs. I wanted to cry. THE PERCABETH AND SOANGELO PARRELS. When their allthing and they say together and then them both whispering I love you into the other ear while they fell. WTF I was absolutely crying.

Chapter Text

“I have a few questions about that title,” Tyche muttered.

Thanatos snorted and nodded, “Definitely, the first one being what is a Pinochle?”

She shrugged.

I had weird dreams full of barnyard animals. Most of them wanted to kill me. The rest wanted food.

“Pretty normal now!” Percy grinned.

“Of course they are, I wouldn’t doubt it from you,” Thalia muttered, amused.

I must’ve woken up several times...she scraped drips off my chin with the spoon.

“Why exactly aren’t my children doing that,” Apollo questioned, with a slightly confused and annoyed look on his face.

“We were! At that point in time, the infirmary was overwhelmed by people with capture the flag, so Annabeth offered some help.” Will explained, quickly to his father.

Apollo didn’t look completely convinced but nodded, his son had no reason to lie.

When she saw my eyes open, she asked, "What will happen at the summer solstice?"

Now , I’m believing she just wanted information and didn’t actually want to help.” Will glared.

Annabeth raised her hands in surrender, “I’ll be honest, I did just want information. But when i ask to help now, It’s to actually help.”

Apollo sat up and slightly glared, “The infirmary is for the sick and the healers, its to make sure people get better, not to stress them out with hundreds of questions.”

Annabeth slightly shrunk, “I understand that now, Lord Apollo.”

Athena spoke up, hoping to spare her daughter Apollo’s annoyance, “I’m guessing we finally get to know what happened during the summer solstice.”

Percy nodded.

I managed to croak...We've only got a few weeks!"

“I will ban you from the infirmary if I hear you doing that again.” Will snapped, before calming, he knew she was just an excited twelve-year-old who wanted answers.

Hermes’ eyes were looking at the book, “Something was… Stolen?”

Zeus gave Hermes a slight glare, “If I find out it was you who stole whatever has me and Poseidon, and apparently Hades fighting. There will be consequences.”

Annabeth, Grover, and Percy all looked at each other. “He’s not going to be happy when he figures out is was a god,” Percy whispered to Thalia.

Hermes shrunk slightly and nodded, “Of course, Father.”

"I’m sorry," I mumbled...filled my mouth with pudding.

Thalia chortled, “That’s one way I guess.”

Annabeth grinned.

When I finally came around for mouth felt like a scorpion had been using it for a nest.

“Should we be concerned on how you know that?” Conner said, his eyes to bright for Percy’s liking.

“It was a metaphor!” Percy exclaimed, slightly moving closer to Nico.

My tongue was dry and nasty...a paper parasol stuck through a maraschino cherry.

“Honestly not what I was expecting.” He shrugged.

My hand was so weak I almost dropped the glass...Just plain old Grover, not the goat boy.

“You have some of the best thoughts, Perseus.” Psyche raised an eyebrow at him.

Grover slightly glared, “ Goat-Boy?”

Percy grinned, “Your my best friend, you know that?”

He huffed.

So maybe I’d had a nightmare...Reverently, he placed the shoebox in my lap.

A spoil of war, then?” Ares asked, intrigued.

Percy’s nose scrunched at being addressed by him but nodded.

Inside was a black-and-white bulls horn...The Minotaur. Half man, half bull."

“Do you just not listen when people tell you that names are powerful, child?” Persephone raised an eyebrow.

Percy smiled, “I’ve been told I don’t listen to people when it comes to that.”

“Ain’t that the truth,” Annabeth muttered.

Grover shifted uncomfortably...He looked down.

Percy sat back uncomfortable.

I stared across the meadow...huge pine tree on top. Even that looked beautiful in the sunlight.

“Excuse you! It always looked beautiful.” Thalia said with a teasing smile.

Percy chuckled, “Definitely not, it was disgusting.” She smacked him with a pillow.

Kymopoleia smirked, “You do know a pine tree is fathers sacred tree?”

Percy stopped laughing and looked up, “I… definitely knew that?” It came out more of a question than anything.

Triton rolled his eyes, of course, the child didn’t know.

“The real question is why did he turn you into a pine tree instead of his sacred plant?” Percy turned the conversation away from his obviously unknown knowledge of his own father’s sacred things.

Thalia shrugged, “Heck if I Know.”

“I’d still like to know why you’re a tree?” Ares asked, confused.

Thalia grinned.

My mother was gone. The whole world should be black and cold. Nothing should look beautiful.

“Usually I’d say that’s dramatic but it's completely necessary, without Mrs. Jackson the world would be black and white.” Rachel agreed.

Many of the demigods nodded.

"I’m sorry,” Grover sniffled. "I'm a failure. I'm- I'm the worst Satyr in the world."

“Grover if you weren’t over there i’d hit you with this pillow.” Thalia glared.

“She’s right, well without the violence part. You did what you needed to do, you got him to camp. It’s his fault for running off.” Hypnos piped into the conversation.

“Hey!” Percy defended.

He moaned stomping his foot…”Oh Styx.” He mumbled.

Styx groaned from the back, “Really, must you children do that?”

Grover cringed, “Sorry, My lady.”

Grover was a satyr…I was ready to bet that if I shaved his curly brown hair, I’d find tiny horns on his head.

“No! Absolutely not!” Grover glared, immediately scooting away from the Stolls who were grinning.

“I wouldn’t actually do it, it was just a passing thought.” Percy laughed.

But I was too miserable to care...dissolved into yellow light.

“Perc, why exactly didn’t occur to you that mortals don’t disappear in a flash of light?” Katie questioned.

He shrugged, “I had just found out Satyrs existed and so did Gods, I thought maybe it happened in the Greek Mythology world.”

I was alone. An orphan. I would have to live with . . . Smelly Gabe?

“Absolutely not,” Thalia answered, immediately.

“That’s honestly what would’ve had to happen, if I had gone to the police about him they would’ve looked at my record and labeled me as a troubled kid trying to get his stepfather in prison.” Percy cringed, he would’ve hated that. He shivered in disgust.

“You could have stayed a year-rounder at camp.” Demeter answered, she had a look of disgust on her face, she honestly couldn’t believe a mortal would put his hands on a child.

He thought for a second and shrugged, “Maybe.”

No. That would never happen...join the army.

“I mean this is the nicest way possible, Percy, but you were way too scrawny to join the army. They never would’ve belived you were eighteen.” Annabeth was definitely trying to keep herself from laughing.

He glared at her, playfully, “Whatever.” He looked around the room at the other demigods, hoping one of them would defend him.

All the campers that were there during his first year looked away innocently.

“You all are absolutely horrible to me.” He threw his hands up and chuckled.

I’d do something…I suddenly felt dizzy, my vision swimming.

“I’m ignoring the water reference just because you’re about to pass out.” Annabeth rolled her eyes.

I recoiled at the taste,

“Why? Its nectar, it shouldn’t taste bad unless your mortal.” Apollo instantly stated.

“It looked like apple juice, so I was expecting apple juice I guess,” he explained, quickly.

because I was expecting apple juice...with the chips still melting.

“Great, now I want some of Mrs. Jackson’s cookies.” Travis groaned and sat back.

Conner and a few others nodded, “That sounds amazing.” Pollux agreed.

Percy raised an eyebrow, “I can make some later, she taught me how to.”

Every demigod in the room perked up including Rachel, “Really!?” Annabeth asked.

He nodded. The demigods all immediately nodded and he smiled.

Drinking it, my whole body felt warm and good...told me everything was going to be okay.

“God’s, Percy, you’ve got some sad freaking thoughts for a twelve year old.” Will shook his head.

“I thought my mother had died! I’m allowed to have sad thoughts.” He rolled his eyes.

"That’s good," He said..."Come on. Chiron and Mr D are waiting."

“Someone wants to tell me who Mr.D is?” Hera asked.

She was pointedly ignored.

The porch wrapped all the way...I'd paid for that souvenir the hard way. I wasn't going to let it go.

Travis snorted, “Good idea, honestly any of us Hermes kids would’ve stolen it.” Conner nodded.

As we came around the opposite end of the house...unless I was hallucinating, some of the horses had wings.

The campers all smiled at the description of their camp.

Percy rolled his eyes when the pegasi were mentioned, “Blackjack’s been annoying me recently for some sugar cubes because, and this is in his words, ‘Boss, I had to deal with your antics during that war, I deserve some sugar cubes.’ “ He explained when he got questioning looks for his eyeroll

Thalia laughed, “He’s got a point, give that pegasus some sugar cubes.”

Percy rolled his eyes again, “He’s had enough, he knows they’re bad for him.”

Rhodes smiled at him, “Your pegasus, im guessing?”

Percy smiled back at her, “Yep, he kind of flocked towards me a few years ago and never left.”

Down at the end of the porch...He looked like a cherub who'd turned middle-aged in a trailer park.

Many of the god’s eyes went to Dionysus confused, “That can’t be D over here?” Hermes asked.

“It had better not be me.” Dionysus’s eyes flashed purple dangerously, they had a type of flame in them that made even Pollux scoot away.

He wore a tiger-pattern Hawaiian shirt...this guy could've outgambled even my stepfather.

Dionysus’s frown became even more pronounced, as the aura around him became even more dangerous.

"Thats Mr. D," Grover murmured to me. "He's the camp director. Be polite.

“Mr.D… Dionysus, I’m almost positive that’s you.” Hermes muttered lowly towards him.

Dionysus was quiet, he was obviously very annoyed. He was giving the book a death glare, many of the kids near him had slightly moved over. They sometimes forgot he was a very powerful god.

The girl, that’s Annabeth Chase. She’s just a camper,

She rolled her eyes, “Just a camper.” she mocked, amused.

"Ah, good, Percy," He said...Now, don't expect me to be glad to see you."

“Dionysus, that sounds exactly like you.” Apollo pointed out.

“I get that, Apollo.” He snapped.

Apollo sat up and glared, “I was pointing it out because you seem to be in denial about it.”

Dionysus opened his mouth, probably to curse him out or to just curse him in general before Zeus raised his hand stopping it, “You two stop, we don’t need fighting. Let’s first find out if its him and why he’s there.”

Percy looked shocked at Zeus de-escalating a situation, “Did you see that?” He mumbled to Thalia.

Thalia nodded just as confused.

"Uh, thanks."...If Mr D was a stranger to alcohol, I was a satyr.

Thalia looked at him, did Percy actually feel uncomfortable around Mr.D because of Gabe at first?

With her deep tan and her curly blonde hair...except her eyes ruined the image.

Annabeth glared at Percy.

They were startling gray...analyzing the best way to take me down in a fight.

Her glare softened into a smirk, “Your not completely wrong there.”

She glanced at the Minotaur horn...or 'Wow, you're so awesome!' or something like that.

Artemis rolled her eyes, of course, this boy thought she would.

Instead, she said, "You drool when you sleep."

Percy went slightly red as most of the demigods burst out laughing.

“To be fair, he still does.” Grover snorted.

Percy threw a pillow and stuck out his tongue.

Then she sprinted off down the lawn..."Not Mr. Brunner," The ex—Mr. Brunner said.

“It does make sense that it’s Chiron.” Demeter nodded.

"I’m afraid that was a pseudonym...You don't just go around using them for no reason."

Dionysus spoke for the first time since he was mentioned, “If the book does not explain why I am at a demigod camp within the next page.” he left the threat hanging, and for once the demigods didn’t think it was an empty threat.

"Oh. Right. Sorry."...I'd hate to think I've wasted my time."

“I still wonder whether or not I should be offended by that?” Percy voiced.

"House call?"...keeping a lookout.

“Was he being dramatic, when he said every school?” Percy asked, looking over at Grover.

“Nope, mostly every school throughout the US.” He answered.

But Grover alerted me as soon as he met you..."You came to Yancy just to teach me?" I asked.

Nico raised an eyebrow, “Don’t get an ego, Percy.”

Percy stuck out his tongue.

Chiron made it here alive, and that's always the first test."

Thalia grinned, “I’m guessing I didn’t pass that test?”

Grover snorted, “No, you didn’t.”

Thanatos looked up, “You couldn’t have not passed that test. You are very much alive, child. If you weren’t I would’ve claimed your soul and if you were a spirit I would be able to tell.”

Thalia grimaced, “I’m ignoring how creepy that sounded, but I’m sure it’ll come up.”

Thanatos rolled his eyes, it wasn’t creepy, he was explaining what would’ve happened. Honestly, these demigods shouldn’t find him being a personification of death ‘creepy,’ they’re almost dying every day.

"Grover," Mr. D said impatiently...pudgy little man in a tiger-print Hawaiian shirt.

“I hope you say that to my face, Perseus Jackson.” Dionysus glared, he was clearly immensely furious, but he was trying to maintain a calm persona in front of the demigods.

Percy cringed, he definitely wasn’t going to be happy when he learns Percy blew up on his a few years ago.

"You do know how to play Pinochle?"...I was liking the camp director less and less.

Dionysus didn’t look offended by that, he just slid his sunglasses down, if they could even be called that, and looked at Percy, “Trust me, Perseus the feeling is very much mutual.”

“Him calling me Perseus is very weird,” Percy whispered to Rachel.

"Well," he told me...Grover flinched every time on his pile.

“Dionysus, you better not be laying hands nor using your powers on my son’s satyrs.” Hermes scowled.

Dionysus immediately sat up, “How dare you imply I would do that.” He was very close to Pan, he would never put his hands on satyrs nor would he ever use his powers.

Zeus glared at the both of them, “Didn’t I already say to not fight with each other.”

They both slightly shrunk down, “Yes, Father.” They replied.

Chiron smiled at me sympathetically..."Did your mother tell you nothing?

“Absolutely nothing.” Percy rolled his eyes.

"She said . . . " I remembered her sad eyes.."That's how they usually get killed.

Percy had to refrain from glaring at Dionysus, it wouldn’t do him any good to annoy someone who was already mad.

Young man, are you bidding or not?"...our usual orientation film won’t be sufficient."

“That makes so much sense!” Annabeth cried in annoyance.

Conner shook his head, “Be glad you didn’t.” He shivered in slight disgust.

Percy gave him a weird look.

"Orientation film?...I waited for somebody to yell, Not!

“Well, we are sitting right here so I would hope you know we exist,” Nemesis said, slowly.

Percy groaned, “I was in shock!”

But all I got was Mr. D...the immortal gods of Olympus. That's a smaller matter."

Hermes coughed, “Should we be offended?”

Zeus rose an eyebrow, “I’m sure he didn’t mean it in a degrading way.”

"Smaller?"..."Hera, Apollo. You mean them."

There were some people slapping their hands on their heads in exasperation with him aimlessly saying out names.

Hades raised an eyebrow, “You didn’t even say your own father’s name?”

Percy frowned, “Honestly those were the first to come to mind, they are the most spoken about.”

Apollo smirked before Artemis and Poseidon glowered at him.

And there it was again...They're what people believed before there was science."

“Oh, wrong words, Perc.” Conner and Travis shook their heads.

The gods looked at each other confused, they knew what science was, but how exactly could people believe it? It was just a myth to mortals.

"Science!" Mr. D scoffed...Existing, just as you are, for all time?"

Percy shivered, “Absolutely not.”

The gods gave him a weird look, “It’s immortality? Existing forever, living a life with power. Who exactly wouldn’t want that?” Demeter sighed, looking at the strange boy.

Percy raised an eyebrow, “Exactly, living forever , watching everyone who’s not immortal die around you, your loved ones included. Powers that, if lost control could cause mass destruction. Killing so many, having to watch anyone you get close with die if they’re mortal. People fearing you because of just how much power you have.” He trailed off slightly, obviously deep in thought before blinking and speaking again. “I don’t understand why anyone would want it, but apparently that’s an unpopular opinion.”

The demigods were looking at him, clearly, they had wanted to know why Percy denied immortality when the gods offered it. But even with Percy’s explanation, while it was such as Percy answer, many of them didn’t know if they would still deny it if offered.

The gods were just looking at him as though he was from a different planet, everyone wanted immortality. Mortals begged and prayed over and over wanting it. Even the demigods here looked a little incredulous at his answer.

I was about to explain how little boys can get over losing their mothers?"

Conner winced, “That’s harsh.”

My heart pounded..."Before one of them incinerates you."

Poseidon sighed and rubbed his temples. This was going to be a long reading.

Psyche snorted, “That’s almost happened already.”

Grover said, "P- please, sir."...working with boys who don't even believe."

Confined?” Dionysus sounded angry, if you could call it just angry. He sounded furious.

He waved his hand…More thunder.

Silence reigned throughout the throne room, the gods looked incredulous and confused, except Dionysus who just looked even more furious if that was possible.

Most of the demigods who had been sitting anywhere close to him had moved over to the couch with The big three kids and Rachel, Including Pollux, The Hermes kids, and Grover.

Dionysus stood up, you could feel the fury radiating off of him.

“You think we should move farther away?” Travis muttered.

Percy’s eyes flickered around the room and shook his head, “This is the farthest couch from him.”

Restrictions? You’re restricting my powers? My Domain?!” His voice was like the calm before the storm, which in a way was weird because Percy usually only described his father like that.

Percy cleared his throat, “I’m confused, how is that a bad thing? I mean sure we’ve all seen you complain about it but we didn’t think it was a big deal, just… dramatics. No offense.”

Dionysus’s glare turned towards Percy making him shrink down, “No, it’s not ‘dramatics’ Perseus, him restricting my power and domain weakens me. With me being demigod turned god it weakens me sometimes to the point that I could have the same power I did as a demigod. It’s the reason even when the gods have been turned mortal they at least have access to their domain. Like Poseidon, he still had access to the sea when he was turned mortal.”

“Why… if it’s that bad why do that? Would it be damaging to your powers when you become a god again?” Percy was genuinely curious and slightly worried. Mr.D had been helping him since the war ended with nightmares and PTSD, he may be slightly rude to him sometimes, but most of the time it didn’t come from a bad place, so he was worried for him.

“It is damaging to their powers when it comes to them becoming a god again. That’s the reason I don’t do that. I don’t know why I would do that to Dionysus.” Zeus looked slightly worried when he was talking.

“Well, you apparently did there better be a good reason behind it,” Dionysus said, his aura flaring in both irritation and annoyance.

Zeus gave him a warning look but it didn’t hold much anger behind it, “I’m sure there is a good reason.” But he didn’t look fully convinced.

Mr. D waved his hand again...who had been declared off limits.”

Hera sat up and glared, “Why exactly was the nymph declared off limits?”

Zeus looked both sheepish and confused, “I’m… sorry, my wife. But I’m confused, thats not a good reason to take away his domain, off limit or not.”

All of the gods in the room looked incredulous at this and confused. “No. It’s not a good reason, and you stuck me with these brats?!” Dionysus looked annoyed.

“Hey!” The demigods called out, mock offendedly.

One of the demigods huffed, “ You used to be one of these brats.” Making all the demigods cover their mouth and turn away trying not laugh when he turned arounded witha raised eyebrow.

“Ignoring that.” He rolled his eyes, but he surprisingly didn’t look annoyed by that. “Let’s continue before this gets out of hand.” He breathed out attempting to calm himself. He’d talk with his father about this later.

Zeus nodded.

Chiron winked at me..."Father loves to punish me.”

Zeus sighed, “I do not.”

The gods looked at eachother with raised eyebrows.

The first time, prohibition...Be a better influence he told me.

“Twice D, really?” Hermes sighed, slightly annoyed.

He sighed, “The nymph had better been worth it.”

Work with youths rather than tearing them down.

The same demigod huffed out, “You literally used to be one of us?”

He glared, “I’m going to find out who’s saying that.” He looked around the room but here was no real heat behind his eyes.

Ha. Absolutely a pouting little kid.

“I can’t control my thoughts!” He defend when Dionysus gave him a look.

"And . . . " I stammered...Did you think I was Aphrodite, perhaps?"

Aphrodite rolled her eyes and sniffed, “You wish, Dionysus.”

"You’re a god."..."A god. You."

“You’re pissing me off, kid.” Dionysus sighed and pointed a finger at him.

Percy grinned.

He turned to look at me...wearing a strait-jacket in a rubber room for the rest of my life.

“Sadly, as annoying as you are, I think father and your father would be slightly annoyed if i turned you insane.” He sighed as if it was a bad thing.

"Would you like to test me..."No. No, sir. "

“Smartest thing you’ve done yet, child.” Dionysus said.

The fire died a little. He turned back to his card game. "I believe I win."

Chris shook his head, “Not possible.”

“Excuse me?” Dionysus said, slightly offended.

Demeter snorted and held up a hand as she continued to read.

"Not quite, Mr D," Chrion said. He set down a straight, tallied the points and said, "The game goes to me."

Chris sat back, “There we go.”

The others nodded.

I thought Mr. D was going to vaporise...used to being beaten by the Latin teacher.

Katie laughed, “He is, I don’t think i’ve ever seen Mr.D beat Chiron.”

He got up, and Grover rose too...less-than- perfect performance on this assignment."

Percy huffed slightly, “You did just fine Grover.”

He didn’t look convinced, but he didn’t want to get hit with a pillow so he nodded.

Hermes blinked, “Why are you all over there.. and on the ground?” He asked looking at Pollux, Grover and his kids who were sitting on the ground because the couch was full.

Travis looked up and grimaced, “He was angry and we were all a little concerned for our safety.” He explained to his father.

Dionysus rolled his eyes, “Get back over here if you’d like, i’m sadly not going to blast you.”

He’s been . . . ah, grounded..."And then they died."

“You just met Mr.D?” Annabeth raised an eyebrow, amused.

"Died? No. Did the West die?...Let's meet the other campers."

“Chapters over,” Demeter announced.

“I’ll take it, Mother.” Katie said. Demeter nodded her head and handed Katie the book.

Chapter 8: I Become Supreme Lord Of The Bathroom


Remember! Ancient Greece and gods not knowing how to treat their children. That's why Hermes is a bit of an asshole atm.

I honestly do not feel like typing much out, my head hurts too much for this. So I hope you enjoy the chapter. Thank you for all the nice comments I love reading and replying to them.

Chapter Text

“Why me, I haven’t done anything.” Clarisse groaned.

Percy laughed, “Feel my pain, Clarisse. This is your fault.”

She gave him a finger that had many of the demigods chuckling.

We passed the...flip or something.

Conner grinned, “Can you?”

“I’m not sure.” Percy shrugged

I looked back...being watched.

“It moved that early?” Thalia questioned, confused.

“Seems like it did. Both times it moved Percy was there.” Annabeth answered.

“Lucky me.” Percy sighed.

"Whats up there?" thing."

“In technicality he wasn’t lying.” Will shrugged.

"Come along, Percy,"...grew strawberries instead.

Dionysus jaw ticked slightly, he gave a glare over to Zeus, “Really? All my powers?” He huffed.

I watched the...magic with music.

“Not back then, G-Man.” Percy laughed. Grover stuck his tongue out at him.

I wondered...protector. Really."

“I really wasn’t but thank you, Perc.” Grover smiled.

He went to protest before a god Percy didn’t recongize spoke, “You weren’t great, to be completely honest.” He was almost cut off by many angry demigod voices, he raised a hand in a peace-making gesture. “Let me finish. But you were also far too young, you shouldn’t have been sent off on a protector quest. So if anything, it was Dionysus and the council of elders fault.” He finished.

Thaila looked slightly confused, “He was, I think in satyr years, 28. He was even younger when he found me and Annabeth and Luke.” Her voice went slightly soft at the end before she shook out of it.

The god raised an eyebrow, “He shouldn’t have even gone out until he was around forty summers and seeing how you apparently didn’t even make it back, well I think that speaks for itself.”

“The council of elders sent me out.” Grover told the god, who had seen the confused looks on the demigods face.

The god rolled his eyes, “Like I said, satyr, it’s not your fault. It’s the councils and D’s fault for sending you out.”

“Your blaming me for this, Silenus?” Dionysus sighed.

“Yes.” Silenus answered without a hint of hesitation.

Chiron sighed…and brining them safely to Half-Blood hill.

Grover rolled his eyes, “Thanks, Chiron.” He muttered.

"But he did that!"

“As happy that i am that your defending me, Perc. I did not.” Grover sighed.

Katie cut Percy off as soon as he opened his mouth, “ Please , stop arguing and let me finish this gods-forsaken chapter.”

"I might New York.

Percy shrugged, “Not his fault, I ran off.”

“Not your faut either, Perseus, You were young and obviously scared.” Eileithyia told Percy in a way a mother would tell her child that blaming themselve wasn’t the answer.

Then there’s...your mother.”

Percy coughed, this was obviously still a sore spot for him, “I do hope you know, G-Man, I don’t blame you for that.”

Grover smiled and nodded at him.

And the fact...on Grover’s part."

Percy rolled his eyes, “The Council can shove it up-” Grover slapped a hand over Percy’s mouth.

“Percy!” Grover hissed, most demigods were covering their mouth trying not to laugh.

Tyche rose an eyebrow, “Whilst I agree with your comment, Perseus, do try to be more respectful.”

Percy huffed.

"He’ll get...won’t he?"

Grover, Thaila, and Annabeth grimaced.

Chiron winced...five years ago.

“Why send practically a babe Satyr out on a rescue mission.” Silenus shook his head.

Olympus knows...Oh, twenty-eight."

The Stolls grinned, “Grover how old are you right now?”

Grover gave them a anxious look, “Im thirty-two, why?”

The grin turned bigger and they whispered to eachother, Grover gave them a look, “Don’t get me involved in your shenanigans.”

"What! And...past six years."

The demi-gods cringed.

"Thats horrible...woodland magic.

Grover flushed, embarrassed.

“You’ve gotten much better, Grover.” Thalia told him, with no room for argument.

Alas, he was...other career..."

I feel as though, Chiron, didn’t believe in me?” Grover groaned.

"That’s not fair...shall we?"

Thaila snickered, “Yeah, it was really that bad.”

“Alright, I’m way too curious.” Melinoe sighed, “Is whatever happened the first time the reason you were… turned into a tree?”

Thaila grinned and nodded, “It was, It was actually very traumatizing but it's more fun to make jokes out of it.”

Pollux and Will both sighed, “That’s not healthy.” They syncronized even though they knew it would fall on deaf ears.

But I wasn’ my mind.

Hades sat up, “Don’t you dare, boy.” He glared.

Styx snorted, “He wouldn’t.”

Annabeth cringed, “He would.” Percy grinned at them before many demi-gods shot him glares and the grin dropped.

Poseidon stared at his son and ran a hand down his own face. Both Hades and Zeus were looking at him as if this was his fault.

"Chiron," I real, too?"

“If this book shows you anywhere near my domain, I don’t doubt my future self wouldn’t hesitate to strike you down where you stand. You demigods need to stay away from my domain.” Hades had a look on his face that had many demi-gods cringing back.

Percy cringed, the looks on the Chthonian gods were looking at him as though they expected an apology for him wandering near the underworld. Which they were not going to get.

Chirons expression...of your mind."


"What do you...and shield?"

“Why would you have your own shield, you just figured out that you were a demi-god? Psyche inquired.

“I’m not completely sure.” Percy answered.

"My own—?" very much),

Demi-god and god alike all slapped their foreheads in disbelief. “Percy… of course he wouldn’t like the stables.” Annabeth shook her head, incredulous.

“It was a simple observation.” Percy snorted.

the javelin range...the mess hall."

Apollo shook his head, “I’ve been telling Chiron since that accident last century that they need to be supervised during these types of fights. I’ll talk with him again.” His voice showed he wouldn’t be nice about it. “I’m sick of my children being injured.”

The other demi-gods looked slightly offended that he only cared about his children but said nothing.

The gods all cringed about the incident he talked about, that little incident caused almost half of Greece to be wiped out by Apollo’s anger.

Will shrugged, “We try not to get involved in the petty fights, though it happens from time to time.”

Chiron pointed to...a little weird.

Percy threw his hands up, “It was legitimate concern!”

Leo looked confused, “Does it not rain?”

Annabeth laughed, “Not unless a god is angered by us. Which to be fair has happened once or twice in our lifetime.”

Clarrise snorted, “Both of those times being caused by, Prissy over here.”

“Hey! Neither of those times were specifically my fault.” He huffed, getting raised eyebrows from the demigods and most of the gods which also annoyed him.

A minor god from the back looked like he didn’t believe a word Percy said, “I doubt that, you’ve annoyed three gods here already. You’ve been here half a day.”

Percy flushed with embarrassment and looked away.

"We still have to eat, don’t we?" I decided to drop the subject.

Annabeth shook her head, “I Understand now why you were so confused when you first got to camp.”

Finally, he showed...I’d ever seen.

The gods huffed, “Excuse me?” Hephestus raised an eyebrow.

Except for a tiny factory.

Hephestus nodded his approval.

Number four had...of real grass.

Katie grinned.

Seven seemed look at.

Apollo looked slightly proud and Will had a smile.

They all faced...more my speed).

Persephone tilted her head, “A bit different from how it looks now, but with years come change.”

In the center...with a stick.

Everyones head went towards Hestia who only smiled at them.

The pair of...his-and-hers mausoleums,

Thaila shivered, “It’s creepy if anything.” She whispered to the people on the couch.

Zeus nodded, “i’m sure my children love it, it’s the nicest cabin there.”

That got him looks from everyone in the throne room.

Cabin two...cabins look empty."

The gods furrowed their eyebrows, “That’s weird?” Hermes muttered.

Hera huffed, “Well I think it’s great, all of the married people here should have empty cabins.” Everyone ignored her.

Aphrodite rolled her eyes, “Maybe the children of his cabin are just out and about.” She shrugged, but she didn’t look convinced. She had brought this up during the lunch break, so she was leaning towards her theory that she was right.

"Several...cabins are.

Hera looked delighted, “Does that mean that the married gods here stopped cheating on eachother with mortals .”

Pysche blinked, “I mean no offence, Lady Hera, But sitting in this room there are, at least five children here that are the children of married gods.” The way she said it was as if Hera wasn’t the brightest, making many of the braver demigods snort.

Hera huffed.

That’s true....some be empty?

Ares shook his head, “Some are maidens who don’t have children, others don’t bed mortals.” He explained, patiently. He nodded to certain gods and goddess in the throne room when speaking.

Percy blinked, he was officially creeped out.

I stopped in...cabin three.

Percy grinned, how he missed that cabin during the war. The rest of the sea family all looked at him and the book. Kymopoleia and Rhode had a soft smile on their face. Poseidon just nodded.

It wasn’t...wouldn’t do that!"

Poseidon raised an eyebrow, “Unlike some gods, I wont blast children who aren’t mine for looking or going into my cabin.” His emphasis on some, was pointed towards Hera and Artemis.

Artemis rolled her eyes, “My cabin is for my hunters only.” She didn’t explain anymore and left it at that.

Before he could...sheets turned down.

No god looked confused by that, most of their children always kept cabins cleaned.

A few demigods smiled, “It is nice in there, I’d call it peaceful. Kind of like the lake at the camp, sitting there when everything gets to much in the infirmary and its just calm and peaceful.” Will sighed, leaning back against the couch.

Percy smiled at him, “You’re always welcome into the cabin, I know the infirmary can be overwhelming at some points in time. And by the way that goes for all of you, as long as you don’t steal.” The last part pointed at the Stolls and even Chris, “Then the cabin door is always open for you guys, even if I’m not there. I know since the war and everything it’s been stressful and I’ve had many of you in and out of the cabin, yes I know what y’all are doing. You’re overwhelmed by people so you hang out in my cabin to get away.” He rolled his eyes goodnaturedly, “So if you want, you guys are always welcome.” He finished, looking at the demi-gods who were now smiling at him.

“That’s good to know, I’m slightly tired of having to make up conversation when I’m in your cabin just to get away from people.” Katie snorted.

The gods were all slightly staring at him in shock, “This is by far the weirdest demi-god I’ve ever met.” Hermes whispered. Demi-gods, especially the big three demi-gods, always kept their cabin doors shut from everyone else beside their siblings. They didn’t like people coming and annoying them, they never had any slight niceness to other demi-gods trying to talk to them.

Poseidon stared at his son for a good moment before letting a smile onto his face, many of his children were selfish when it came to their space or helping anyone. If his son was really as nice as he’s let on, then Poseidon is already proud.

Poseidon was always alright with other demi-gods coming into his cabin, as long as they didn’t disrespect him or his children and their space, then he was okay with it.

But there was...ever slept there.

Silence took over the throne room, the gods with baffled expression, even Poseidon looked confused.

Aphrodite spoke first, “Perseus, how many siblings do you have.”

Percy took a second and thought about telling them before sighing, “I’m technically the first child of Posiedon in at least almost seven decades, I have a brother but he’s a baby cyclops and I didn’t even meet him till the summer after this one.”

And if that didn’t baffle the gods more than anything. “Seven decades!?” Ares didn’t look convinced but at the same time knew Percy wasn’t lying.

The sea family minus Poseidon and Percy didn’t know whether this was a good thing or a bad thing. Poseidon shook his head, “That means when I claimed you, you didn’t have any siblings to show you how things worked or how to use your powers?” He questioned, concerned. If his child didn’t know how many powers he had or how he could use them, that could be a diaster both figuratively and literally .

Percy looked both startled and confused, now his father was worried? Where was this worry when they had read out what Gabe had done? Percy took a deep breath, calming himself. “No, I didn’t. I had to learn by trial and error.” He didn’t mention exploding a volcano and killing and injuring hundreds of people, and making millions evacuate, but his face showed that he regretted something.

Many demi-gods in the room who knew what happened, cringed. “I wouldn’t call what happened trial and error but sure.” Travis muttered, getting a rather nasty glare from Percy.

Poseidon saw the looks around the throne room from the kids and sat back in his throne, if his child did something that all the demi-gods knew of and apparently wasn’t good. Then he needed to talk to Perseus and help him as much as he could.

The gods around the room also looked worried but for different reasons. They had seen a few children of Poseidon lose control of their powers, if this demi-god had then that was something they needed to know.

The roof was...rock music blared.

Ares shook his head, amused whilst Clarrise grinned.

The loudest of Nancy Bobofit,

Clarrise glared, “I’ll get you for that one, Prissy.”

Percy held up his hands,”Sorry, Sorry.” He honestly wasn’t completely wrong but Clarrise wasn’t as much of a bully as Nancy was.

though the...and tougher looking,

“You better believe it.” She huffed.

and her hair...I observed.

“Party Ponies!” Travis and Conner yelled, a bit loudly. Getting them many glares from the gods. They were sadly getting used to the behavior of these demi-gods, they didn’t have to like it though.

"No," said Chiron...see any here."

“It was cool of them to help us out during the war.” Annabeth remarked, thoughtfully.

"You said be dead?"

Thalia shook her head, “Percy- I just can’t, do you have any tact?” She questioned in disbelief.

Percy rolled his eyes, “I do, thank you very much.” He glared slightly at the demi-gods who looked at him like he was lying.

Hypnos rose an eyebrow, “I definitely don’t hear any tact coming from you.” Which just made Percy huff.

Chiron paused...Wish For list.

Nico snorted, “Mine either.” They high-fived.

"Doesn’t it..."Why depressing?"

“Where is the tact?” Annabeth muttered.

Chiron seemed to…waiting for us.”

Annabeth and Percy smiled at eachother.

The blond girl...much I drooled.

Annabeth laughed, “No not really, but it was for the capture the flag later that week.” She grinned at Percy.

I tried to architecture book.

She looked surprised, “It was an architecture book.” She nodded her conformation.

"Annabeth," Chiron said...brown paint peeling.

Hermes shook his head, “My cabin has always been more modest than the other gods, but it should not look like that.” He sounded both worried and agitated.

His kids cringed, “It looks better now, but back then… well theres a reason it’s so bad.” They all looked sadly at the book but gratefully at Percy.

Over the...A caduceus.

Percy grinned, ignoring the weird looks the gods were giving him.

Inside, it evacuation center.

Hermes looked livid, “I better be told why my cabin is packed. Tell me they are not sending unclaimed children to my cabin.” He remembered at the end of last chapter Dionysus said to bring Persesus to his cabin, but he thought it was just for an orientation.

Travis sighed, “They are.”

“What happened to the unclaimed cabin? Why is my cabin being used.” He turned to the gods now, “Why aren’t you people claiming your children.”

Chris huffed out a slight distraught laugh, getting sympathy looks from the demi-gods. Hermes looked at him confused, “You didn’t even claim me for years, I sat in that cabin for years wondering why I wasn’t being claimed, and then when I am claimed its by the same god whose cabin I stayed in for years .” Clarrise stood, glaring at anyone who looked at them as she sat down next to Chris.

Hermes both confused and slightly annoyed at being told off, he slightly scoffed. “I always claim my children, at most it’ll be a month before it happens.” He didn’t see the glare he was getting from Percy and his other children sitting on the other side of him.

Annabeth spoke up, “There is no unclaimed cabin.” She answered Hermes first question, getting surprised looks from the gods.

“Well i’m apparently not your child then.” Chris stood and immediately looked at the couch were The big three kids and Rachel and Grover were sitting. Percy gave him a sad smile and scooted over, making enough room for him and Clarisse if she wanted to move over.

Hermes looked more confused now, he didn’t know what to say for the first time and just sat back in his throne.

Zeus coughed slightly, drawing everyones attention to him. “Why is there no unclaimed cabin?”

The demi-gods shrugged, “Never knew there was one.” Thaila answered.

They were staring...from the campers,

Thalia covered her mouth, trying not to laugh. “You tripped ?” The stolls on the other couch grinned and nodded at her.

Percy glared.

but none of...Everybody groaned.

“Sorry, Percy. We were just annoyed that we had another unclaimed camper.” Travis gave him a sympathetic smile.

Percy nodded, “I understand.”

A guy came forward.

Most demigods flinched back, Annabeth and Thaila and the Hermes kids developed a sad smile at the mention of Luke.

Percy’s shoulders dropped at the mention of him too.

"Now, now, campers...old knife slash.

The demigods all turned to Percy with different looks, some of disbelief, others with amused looks. “Percy, dear, are you checking Luke out?” Katie asked witht he most baffled expression.

Percy looked up with a surprised expression “No?” He didn’t like guys like that , he knew it wasn’t wrong. The greek gods and many demigods had relationships with the same gender, but Gabe had drilled it into his head that it was wrong and he made sure even now that Gabe was gone that he never liked guys. A voice in the back of his head told him differently but he ignored it.

Thaila raised an eyebrow, “Percy, that very much sounds like it. None of care if you like dudes but Luke ?” Percy shook his head immediately going to defend himself.

“Annabeth was the one who liked Luke not me.” He defended.

Annabeth glared, “Really?” Thaila chuckled and looked at with a knowing look.

Hermes cleared his throat, “A child of mine?” He asked speaking for the first time since Chris had moved.

The demi-gods nodded.

"This is Luke," Annabeth said...she was blushing.

Percy grinned over at her. She gave him a finger.

She saw me...god of thieves.

Hermes smiled a little whilst his children smirked, “We were so hoping you’d leave it out.” Conner smiled innocently at Percy.

"How long will...The campers all laughed.

Poseidon sighed, “Son, how long did it take me to claim you?” He asked, he hoped it wasn’t any longer than a few months.

Percy thought for a moment, “I’m not sure, it was at the most two weeks maybe? If anything it was a few days, four or five.” He answered.

Poseidon sighed, relieved and nodded at Percy who eyed him and looked away.

"Come on," Annabeth...better than that."

Annaeth cringed, “Your going to have to excuse my behavior for the next few chapters. I wasn’t the nicest nor the most mature.”

"What?"..."Whats your problem?"

Piper looked at Annabeth, “That’s a good question.”

Thaila shook her head, “Really, Annie?”

She glared at Thaila for the nickname but shook her head, “Like I said, I wasn’t the friendliest person back then.”

I was getting...had your chance?"

Annabeth put her head in her hands and groaned at her younger self, “I’m so sorry, Percy.”

He chuckled, “it’s fine, Annabeth, you were young.”

Chris raised an eyebrow, “I can’t say I particularly want to fight the Minatour.”

Some gods where looking at her with a look the demigods couldn’t place, Psyche shook her head, “Your fatal flaw is hubris, isn’t it child.” She asked.

Annabeth looked up and nodded.

"To get killed?"...we train for?"

Dionysus rolled his eyes, “You sound just like some of the prideful demigods of this time.” He looked at her with a slight sneer sitting back in his throne, ignoring the glares of the demigods.

I shook my head...But they don’t die."

Percy rolled his eyes, “Oh yeah, that makes so much sense.” He drawled sarcastically.

Leo and Piper looked confused, “They can be killed but can’t die, how does that work?” Piper questioned them.

“Annabeth explains it.” He smiled at them.

"They don’t have...if you’re lucky.

“Which i’m obviously not.” Percy shot a look at Tyche who raised an eyebrow at him.

But they are...very, very mad."

Percy shook his head, “Alecto hates me still, doesn’t she?” He asked Nico.

Nico gave him a amused look and nodded his head, “She tends to plot your death whenever i’m down there.”

He sighed, “That’s comforting.”

"How did you know about Mrs. Dodds?"

“That’s a good question, how did you know?” Nemesis blinked.

"You talk in your sleep."

Grover snorted, “Ain’t that the truth.” He shook his head, amused.

Percy looked at them confused, “I don’t do it anymore.” Many of the demigods gave him a look that said ‘yes you do.’

"You almost called...them at all."

Percy rolled his eyes, “They’re not kind at all.” He huffed, gaining a look from most of the underworld gods.

“Their my torturers for a reason, boy.” Hades told him, while Persphone nodded next to him.

"Look, is there...I didn’t care.

“Trust me, most of us would’ve been whiny if we went through all of that and didn’t get any answers.” Pollux told him.

Zeus rolled his eyes, “Also no, I use thunder to stop you demi-gods from saying powerful names and invoking them.” He looked annoyed, he does it so these demi-gods wont endanger themselves by invoking something by their name.

"Why do I...for me to get it.

Will sighed, “Annabeth.” He said dryly.

“I know, I had thought he watched the orientation film.” She shrugged, looking apologetic at Percy who waved it off.

"No, of course of us."

“You make us sound like a cult, Annabeth.” Thaila snorted.

“It did cross my mind actually.” Percy grinned.

"You don’t know...Probably ADHD, too."

“Child, he is obviously in denial. You aren’t helping by pointing out things mortals see as flaws.” Styx sighed, this boy was probably more confused than they were hearing.

Annabeth huffed, “I know! I was just annoyed he wasn’t understanding anything I was saying.”

Percy shook his head, “Imagine how I felt.”

I tried to...for ancient Greek.

“Which still is horrid to read.” Conner sighed, annoyed.

And the ADHD...them are monsters.

“Not all of them, but some.” Nico rose an eyebrow, obviously remembering the principal from his school.

They don’ here did.”

Chris shrugged, looking over at Annabeth, “Well we didn’t fight the Minatour but I understand were your coming from.”

“You’re a half-blood."

Percy cringed, “Couldn’t you have said demi-god?” Annabeth gave him an incredulous look.

“That’s what your focusing on?”

A half-blood...where to start.

Athena shook her head, “This is why children are told the moment they can understand that their a demigod. Once their around this age, they’ve grown to much into mortal customs.” The gods in the throne room nodded in agreement.

“It’s just the way it is in our time, My Lady.” Grover told her.

The gods looked annoyed, why did these mortals completely forget they existed? At the very least the mortals they had the children with could tell them. But it seems they don’t.

Then a husky...looking like her,

Clarisse groaned, “Gods, this is going to be horrible.” She muttered, getting confused looks from the gods, a nasty glare from Annabeth, and a grin from Percy.

all wearing camo...than it sounded.

Athena gave her a stern look.

Ares rolled his eyes, “Don’t curse at my kids, girl.”

She turned toward...the war god?"

Clarrise rolled her eyes, “ The war god, Jackson.”

Percy gave her a finger.

Clarisse sneered...the bad smell."

Ares blinked, “Really? That’s the best insult you got? It doesn’t offend me, but honestly.” He looked amused more than anything, he shook his head. “Though i’d appreciate it if you didn’t insult me or my kids.”

Percy looked so confused by this Ares, gaining amused looks from many of the demigods.

Clarisse growled...wise girl."

Katie blinked in shock, “ That’s where you got the nickname, Percy?”

Percy grinned, “Apperantly, sorry wise girl i’ll find you another that doesn’t come from someone like Clarrise.” He told Annabeth.

Clarrise glared, “You wanna go, Jackson?”

“Alright you two, calm down.” Ares said sternly too the both of them.

Annabeth shook her head, “I forgot that’s what Clarrise used to call me before you took the name and ran with it.” Percy grinned at her.

Annabeth looked own rep.

The gods all nodded whilst Will shook his head, “Really Clarrise? What have I told you about that. I’m tired of kids coming into the infirmary after meeting you.” He sounded so done.

Ares looked at her disappointedly, and shook his head.

I handed Annabeth...hands like iron.

Clarrise grimaced, “Yeah, you punched me in the stomach.”

Percy gave her both a ‘sorry’ and a ‘you deserved it’ look.

She dragged me...afford classier johns.

Clarrise smiled like it was a fond memory, “Ah, it was so easy to drag you when you were that scrawny.” Her smile dropped when she got glares from both her father and a few certain other gods.

Clarisse’s friends were...big three material.”

Percy snickered into his hand when Clarrise glared at ayone who looked at her.

Ares shook his head, “Really, child? The first thing my children are told when they come into camp is to never underestimate someone. I also had hoped my children were smart enough not to be bullies.” Clarrise shrunk down slightly.

“Sorry, Father.”

The big three were also looking at her with different expressions. “ ‘Big three material.’ I’m surprised I didn’t strike you or curse you then and there. Don’t insult my children, they can fight there own battles but you insulted me in the process.” Poseidon gave Clarrise a warning look before turning back to the book.

Percy sighed and shook his head at Clarrise mouthing ‘sorry.’

Her friends snickered...through her fingers.

Annabeth blushed in embarrassment and glared at Percy.

Clarisse bent me...I won’t.

The demi-gods grinned, “Oh i’m going to love this.” Conner breathed out.

Rhodes looked slightly amused, she leaned back towards her sister. “That sound like anyone to you?”

Kymopoliea snickered, “Yeah, I got a few people in mind who are that stubborn.” Both of their eyes went to Triton who was leaning back on the couch not noticing their stares.

Poseidon caught their eyes and rose an eyebrow making both of them turn away making sure he couldn’t see them snickering. Amphrtrite rolled her eyes at her children.

Then something...of my stomach.

Everyone sat up, many of the gods were listening intently. They wanted to know just how powerful this demigod was, even without knowing who he really was.

The demigods just wanted to know how this went down.

I heard the...onto her butt.

The demi-gods couldn’t stop themselves from bursting out in laughter. Even Chris looked slightly amused.

The gods sat back, the minor gods nodding at the display of powers. The boy didn’t seem like he was that big of a threat. He was disrespectful that was obvious but he seemed like a relatively nice kid if he wasn’t around the gods. It could be an act they knew that but it didn’t seem like that. If he had more control over his powers they could see how he saved Olympus.

The Olympians seemed more wary, this boy had no one but Chiron to teach him about his powers. He seemed like a good kid near his friends. But they couldn’t trust it. He could easily lose control of his powers and hurt someone. From the looks of the demigods faces earlier it was possible it had already happen. They needed to know more before they said anything, but they’ll have to see if anyone could teach him more about his powers.

The godly children of Poseidon all looked amused, sure the boy didn’t know what he was doing but the Ares spawn deserved it. You don’t bully a sibling of theirs even if they weren’t the biggest fan of them.

Ares sighed, “That’s your fault, daughter.” Clarrise sighed and nodded.

The water stayed...being washed away.

The demigods all burst out in laughter again before they were all silenced by Ares raising his hand effectively silencing them all. “I understand this may be funny to you children, but do stop laughing. We need to get through this chapter.”

As soon as...hadn’t been spared.

Annabeth glared.

She was in shock.

“Question, how exactly didn’t it click who my father was then.” Percy asked with a raised eyebrow. The campers who were there that year blushed in embarrassment.

Katie quickly started reading again, ignoring his question.

I looked down…my clothes. Nothing.

Percy grinned, he loved that power.

I stood up...You are totally dead."

Apollo raised an eyebrow, “You attempted to-” He cut himself oof with a sigh, “Whether or not on purpose, you attempted to injure him, i’d be concerned if he didn’t fight back.”

I probably...Close your mouth."

“Now that was just you being rude.” Rachel rolled her eyes, amused.

Her friends had...for dousing her.

“Both.” She admitted.

"What?" I demanded...capture the flag."

Percy gave her an annoyed look, remembering what happened during that.

Katie sighed in relief, “The chapters done finally.”

Dionysus shook his head, “Give me that, I’ll read next.” he grabbed the book from Katie earning a glare from Demeter and Katie

Chapter 9: My Dinner Goes Up In Smoke


Took me only 4ish, 5ish days! Look at me! I really like this chapter so I hope yall like it too!

Tumblr is Mirzamsaiph

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Styx rose an eyebrow, leaning over to Thanatos, “Offerings?”

Thanatos nodded, “Probably.”

Word of the...much dripping wet.

“Both, It was pretty amusing.” Conner chuckled before stopping and grinning at Annabeth’s glare.

She showed me...their own swords),

Leo perked up, “Really?”

Percy grinned and nodded, “It’s awesome, when we get back to our own time, I can show you around the cabin?” He paused, “Or you could of course have one of your siblings do it.” He continued sheepishly.

Hephestus looked up at the both of them before looking back down at what he was doing, “No, I’m cool if you want to do it!” Leo grinned. Percy kind of realized he had some sort of elf-shaped ear. He decided to just nod, smile, and not point that out.

the fast enough.

There was a mutter from a certain god about the dangers and health risks of that.

Percy grinned, “I love that, though the satyrs are sadly the best at it.”

Grover snorted and rose an eyebrow at Percy, “Most satyrs are the best at it.” He corrected, smiling sweetly over at Grover.

You like it ‘cause you’re fireproof, Jackson.” Clarrise glared.

Percy rolled his eyes, “The lava still hurts, La Rue . And technically, I’m not fully fireproof. I can still get first, second, and third-degree burns.” He explained in a wise manner gaining weird looks from the demi-gods.

Hephestus paused, “How are you fireproof?”

Percy looked up and shrugged, “I think it has something to do with being a child of Poseidon. I’m not completely sure, but I learned the hard way that I was somewhat fireproof, but it may have something to do with the situation I learned it in.”

Poseidon furrowed his eyebrows both concerned and slightly intrigued, “Being my child doesn’t make you immune to fire, maybe slightly resistant due to you having more water in you than most but it doesn’t make you fireproof.” He hoped his son would elaborate on the last part of his sentence.

Percy shrugged, not interested in having a debate with his father who he’s still slightly annoyed at. “Then it was situational, I guess.”

Finally we returned..."Whatever."

Annabeth sighed, moving over to the couch with Percy, muttering a ‘sorry’ to him.

"It wasn’t my fault."

Everyone looked at him like he was insane, he rolled his eyes.

Technically I didn’t know I was the one who did it.” He pointed out.

“You still did it!” Annabeth cried.

She looked at...with the plumbing.

The demi-gods burst out laughing, ignoring Dionysus’s glare for interrupting him. Even the minor gods had some smiles on their faces.

Enki, the god of water, knowledge, crafts, and creation was the one smiling the most, “You would be great if you had full control over your powers, Perseus.”

"You need to...Annabeth said.

“Why would he need to speak to you?” Apollo raised an eyebrow over to Rachel.

Everyone cringed, “I wasn’t an oracle when Percy was there for the first few years, Lord Apollo.” Rachel explained.

His eyebrows furrowed, “How old are you, Rachel?” He questioned.

She raised an eyebrow, “I’m seventeen.” She almost asked ‘why’ but she decided this Apollo wouldn’t like to be questioned.

“My oracles should be chosen when they’re fourteen summers and then they should be oracles until they’re killed.” He explained, “Meaning if Perseus is twelve in this book that makes you thirteen when this takes place.” She nodded in confirmation. “So you come up in the second book then?”

There was a mutter from Percy about ‘too many books.’

“No, I don’t even meet Percy till he was fourteen. I didn’t even become an oracle until a few weeks ago.” Rachel told him.

Apollo furrowed his eyebrows again, “So you didn’t become an oracle nor were you chosen until you were seventeen? I also understand we aren’t in Greece anymore, but you still have to be a type of oracle. Are you the oracle of Delphi or the oracle of Didyma or something else?”

Rachel blinked slightly confused, “Oracle of Delphi, and yes I was seventeen when I became an oracle.”

Dionysus glared when Apollo opened his mouth again getting a nasty glare from Apollo.

“Who?...ask Chiron.”

“Excuse you, girl. My oracle is definitely a who.” Apollo glared at Annabeth who cringed and gave a look over to Rachel.

Rachel also grimaced and shrugged.

I wasn’t expecting...long-lost friend.

“In technicality, you are not wrong. They can immediately tell who you are by your blood.” Rhodes told him.

I didn’t know...are terrible flirts."

Triton shrugged at his siblings, the girl wasn’t completely wrong. “They’re gossipier than anything.”

Thaila grinned, “Jealous, Annie?” She blushed and flipped her a finger.

"Naiads," I repeated...go home now."

Nico rose an eyebrow, “That’s what did it in for you?”

Percy gave him a playful glare, “Just because you were excited to learn you were a demigod doesn’t mean I wasn’t even in a little shock.” Nico flushed in embarrassment.

“I was ten , Jackson.” Nico glared back.

Will grinned, “And you were the cutest ten-year-old.”

Nico glared.

Annabeth frowned...You are home.

Percy shook his head, “My second home. I love all of you, but that raggedy apartment is my home.” He smiled over at the demigods who nodded in understanding.

This is the...mentally disturbed kids?"

The demi-gods burst out laughing, “You’re not completely wrong there, Perce.” Will chucked looking over at the Stolls.

"I mean not...about my dad.

“These feelings you get are so weird yet can be so helpful.” Annabeth shook her head in amazement.

The sea siblings looked at each other, it looked like they were having a competition with their eyes. Rhodes won obviously from her face, “When we end for the night, Perseus come talk with us.” She told Percy, it wasn’t her asking, but she said it trying to be nice.

Percy looked over at her for a second before nodding. He looked over to Annabeth and let his head fall on her shoulder in pure annoyance so no one could see his face.

"God," I said…a sensitive subject.

The girls and goddess all glared at him, “You just automatically assume they’re a god?” Aphrodite asked with a raised an eyebrow.

Percy groaned, “Everyone was talking about gods, my mind automatically went to males, and everyone I had met had a father that was a god, not a mother.”

Their glares softened only a little bit.

"My dad is...How sexist is that?"

Artemis’ eyebrows furrowed, “What’s sexist?”

Annabeth was startled, “It’s characterized by or showing Prejudice , Discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of gender.” she shrugged, “It was a word that was made back in nineteen-sixty-five.”

The gods cringed at the year she said, it was weird to hear that these children are so far in the future. “There are words in the future to describe the prejudice against women?” Artemis asked. The gods raised an eyebrow, they had seen how different women were in the children’s time, they spoke out and were respected which is way different from their time.

She nodded, “Women are more respected and have more rights than they do in you guys’ time.” She shuddered, whilst she always wanted to see how Ancient Greece was, she never wanted to live there. How a woman was treated in Ancient Greece was horrible.

"Who’s your..."Cabin six."

Piper raised an eyebrow, “How is he supposed to know that.”

"Meaning?"...reveal their identities."

Annabeth rubbed Percy’s back, “I didn’t know that she could see through the mist, so of course, she knew.” She looked down at Percy who still had his head buried into her shoulder, she snorted when he looked up. His face showed that he was so done with everything.

"My dad would...sometimes it doesn’t?"

The gods shuffled uncomfortably, Hermes eyes flickered to Chris who was still sitting on the couch with the big three kids and Annabeth.

Annabeth ran her...They ignore us."

They flinched. Dionysus sighed, he’d thought the same thing when he was a demi-god but he completely understands now why the gods stay out of their children’s life. It’s also a reason he tries not to have children.

There was uncomfortable silence around the throne room, whilst the demi-gods avoided the god’s stare, the gods just shook their heads. They were busy, they had domains to take care of. They didn’t want to sit back and watch their children die all the time.

I thought with them.

Rachel and Piper sighed, “Yeah, I mean my dad loves me but he just couldn’t deal with me anymore.” Rachel sighed

Piper looked over to her, “My dad is the same, I know he loves me but he just couldn’t do it anymore.”

But gods should behave better.

Zeus glared but there wasn’t much heat behind it, “Don’t tell us how to behave, child.”

"So I’m...of my life?"

The Stolls grinned, “It isn’t horrible, we're awesome to be around.” Travis grinned over to him.

Percy shook his head, “Absolutely not.”

"It depends,"...real powerful force.

Both of the goddesses glared at her, “Excuse me, my children are very powerful. Have you seen their powers with vines and others?” Demeter stood. Aphrodite gave Annabeth a warning look.

“My children are very persuasive, I recommended not offending them. They know everything.” Aphrodite told her.

Piper froze, “Persuasive? Like having people do whatever I want them to do.” Her voice was slow as if she was hoping she was right. Like she finally had an explanation.

Aphrodite smiled down at her, they hadn’t talked this whole time, “My children don’t need charm to speak to do that but some of my children do have that power. Why do you ask, daughter?”

Percy smiled over at Piper, “One of my friends, she would’ve been your sister, she had charm speak. She was one of the sweetest people I knew.” His eyes were sad but he kept his smile on her face.

Everyone noticed the past tense wording in his sentence and Aphrodite hoped that just meant that he was talking about their time in the past tense. Piper stayed silent, “I just- well it’s a long story that involves me talking someone into giving me a car and letting me joyride it.” The Stolls stared at her before letting a grin take over.

“Your name's Piper, right? I think we could be great friends.” Conner told her.

“Not. Don’t listen to them, Piper.” Annabeth told her. Piper smiled over at her.

“That does sound like charm speak, but you’d have to try it out. I recommend it on the Stolls.” Thaila grinned over at her when the Stolls protested.

Hermes gave both of them a glare, “Do not charm speak my children, we have things here in Olympus that you could try it out on.”

Piper nodded.

Annabeth nodded over to Demeter and Aphrodite, “I am sorry to both of you, by the way.”

They gave her a look and turned away.

The monsters might...Practical jokes."

Apollo’s jaw twitched, “They’re not practical jokes if they get our children killed.”

"Practical jokes?"...I was seven,"

Piper shook her head, “That’s awhile.”

she said….all in college."

Thalia and Percy looked at each other and nodded before switching seats. Percy was now sitting beside Nico whilst Thalia was beside Annabeth.

"Why did you...I wanted to?"

Pollux looked over at him, “Did you really debate on trying to find out how to leave?”

Percy flushed, “Maybe.”

"It would be...hadn’t gone well.

The campers stiffened.

"Back in know something?"

“I wish, it would’ve made that whole summer a whole lot easier.” He sighed.

"Well. . . are a New Yorker right?

Percy glared, “That doesn’t mean I knew where Olympus was. I thought the empire state building had one hundred floors.” Annabeth blushed in embarrassment.

“The orientation film showed it.” Annabeth pointed out, sheepishly.

“The Empire State Building?” Zeus questioned.

“It’s a building that houses Olympus, since you guys aren’t in Greece anymore but you still needed an Olympus you chose one of the tallest buildings in New York,” Annabeth told them.

"Right after we...rivalry with Poseidon.

The three gods mentioned in that blinked in confusion, “I get along with Athena just fine?” Poseidon rose an eyebrow. Ares shrugged, he had his rivalry with Athena but it wasn’t horrible.

The children froze, “Do you know a city named Athens?” Percy questioned.

Athena raised an eyebrow, “In Greece? No, there is no city named Athens”

The campers all looked at each other before Percy just snorted and then burst out laughing, he put his head onto Thalia’s shoulder trying to muffle his laughter.

The campers all looked away from him trying not to laugh, “Percy, please stop laughing.” Thaila’s voice cracked in between, she had a hand over her mouth keeping her from laughing. Percy had the most contagious laugh and it was not helping that this was slightly serious.

He coughed attempting to calm himself, “You’re right, this isn’t funny at all.” He bit his lip and turned away from the demi-gods trying not to laugh again.

Nico looked at him and shook his head, “You are horrible.”

Annabeth shook her head, “It involves a city, that I believe before it was called Athens it was called Aktaio. It caused a… fight between you and Lord Poseidon.” She explained.

Poseidon rose an eyebrow, “ Aktaio is the ‘capital city of Greece, while we gods have fights it must have been a bad one to cause such a rivalry so far in the future.” Percy snorted before being elbowed in the stomach.

“That’s one way to put it.” Thaila nodded.

The gods started at them waiting for them to elaborate on it but they all stayed quiet, “I’m sure I say something about it later. It should be in three or four chapters.” Percy told them gaining annoyed looks from all the gods.

But, I the problem..."

Thaila gave her a disapproving look.

I could smell...a battle plan.

Percy threw her a glare and huffed.

Back at cabin eleven...the stealing part.

Travis chuckled but it was strained, “I doubt he was lying about that.”

I said...get any easier."

Percy shook his head, “It really doesn’t.”

The bitterness...who he sponsors."

The demi-gods sighed, “It was right there, why didn’t I say something?” Percy groaned, annoyed.

Thaila shook her head, “You didn’t know, you didn’t know he’d become what he became.” She whispered.

Thanatos and Psyche looked at each other, they’re sure they weren’t meant to hear that. But it explained the demi-god’s reactions wherever this boy came up. He wasn’t as good as he let on.

I a nobody.

Percy frowned and let his shoulders shrink slightly, “He probably did mean to, honestly.”

He just his scar.

Hermes gave Percy a look but turned away.

Luke looked up...of each other."

Katie shook her head, “I like it better when that sentence comes from Percy, it doesn’t sound the same coming from him.”

Percy raised an eyebrow, “You do realize I got that ‘speech’ from Luke right?”

“I’m ignoring that.”

He seemed all day.

The campers stayed silent for a second, was Percy really that close with Luke before everything happened? Did he look up to Luke like the younger campers looked up to him? It hurt slightly that it was obvious Percy felt safer with Luke than anyone else at the camp.

Annabeth wondered if this was why Percy looked so sad and emotionally drained when Luke went after him with the scorpion. Luke was the closest person besides herself and Grover to him, she didn’t realize that when they were younger.

“Were you really that close with him, Perce?” Conner asked.

Percy bobbed his head, “He was the nicest person to me that whole time. The only person who even tried to explain things to me.” Hermes smiled, it seemed like his child was someone this boy looked up to. Though he was wondering why the demi-gods sounded so bitter talking about him.

I decided to..."I hate prophecies."

“Praise that,” Percy muttered.

Apollo glared and Rachel snorted and gave him a more playful glare, “I don’t blame you honestly, from what I heard, before me, the Oracle loved you for some reason and loved to give you prophecies.” She paused, “Percy, how many Prophecies have you been a part of?”

He groaned and held up his hand in a ‘wait a minute expression, he counted slowly on his fingers, muttering to himself gaining weird and amused looks from the gods. Even Apollo’s glare had softened into one of a more incredulous and amused expression as he counted.

“I’ve been a part of five prophecies, one of them being a great prophecy.” The gods raised an eyebrow at that, great prophecies were rare, the only one out right now was the prophecy of seven and that one was only told a few weeks ago for them.

Apollo’s eyes squinted at him before his eyes flashed gold, not figuratively. His eyes literally flashed gold making Percy flinch back. The other demi-gods on the couch scooted closer to Percy. His eyes went back to their regularly yellow eyes with gold specks all around them.

Percy coughed, uncomfortable. “What exactly did you do?”

Apollo raised an eyebrow, “I can see how many prophecies are attached to a person, you have more than five prophecies attached to your person, I don’t know what the Prophecies say but it does show more than five.”

Percy started at him before opening his mouth to either curse someone out or scream, no one knew because both Nico and Thaila slapped a hand on his mouth. “Whatever was about to come out of your mouth, throw it back into your brain and say it to yourself later.” Thaila glared.

He glared at both of them slapping their hands away from him, gaining glares. “You’ve got to be kidding me? I just got done with a war and your telling me I have more prophecies that I’m involved in?!” He sounded so defeated, before flopping back against the couch and covering his face.

Apollo looked at him, slightly annoyed at how the boy snapped at him but kept silent at Poseidon's glare.

"What do you mean?"...heard one before.

“Because it’s from the sea,” he said, muffled by his own hands. He felt everyone's eyes on him when Dionysus read it out.

Luke yelled...the sun went down.

Artemis and Thaila smiled.

We marched up…butt hanging off.

The Hermes kids sighed in sync with Hermes.

I saw Grover...being hosed down,

Clarrise sighed, “I was not over it.” She threw him a glare.

He grinned over towards her.

because she was..."Blue Cherry Coke."

Some minor gods and all the demi-gods smiled, knowing what Percy was thinking about.

The soda turned...then someday…

Hades threw a glare at Percy who still had his head in his hands, before looking over at Poseidon in disbelief, “ Get your child, Poseidon. Keep him out of my domain .” He telepathically told Poseidon with an annoyed tone.

Poseidon glared before looking back over at the book, his son being so rebellious isn’t only his fault.

"Here you go…”Your kidding.”

Hebe rose an eyebrow, “Why would he be kidding?” Obviously guessing what they were talking about.

Everyone jumped, “Oh my gods, I forgot all of you were here, none of you have talked.” Katie told them, looking over where most minor gods were sitting.

“It’s slightly weird to offer food.” Percy shrugged.

The gods sent each other looks, why was the future so different?

His look warned..."Hermes."

Hermes smiled.

I was next...tell me. Please.

Percy finally looked up, “Yeah, that didn’t take long.” He snorted.

Kymopoleia glimpsed at him, “How long did it take after that.”

Percy thought for a second, “It took maybe a week after this.” He told her.

I scraped that smoke.

Apollo furrowed his eyebrows, “I’m not sure.” He looked over to the other gods and sighed, “Please don’t try it. If you end up in my infirmary I won't help you.” He gave a glare all of them.

When everybody had...from the Ares table.

Clarrise nodded in approval.

"Personally,"...Peter Johnson."

“Dionysus.” Poseidon threatened.

“This isn’t me!” He defended himself.

Chiron murmured something...a sing-along.

Will grinned, “You have a great singing voice, Percy. I’ll one day get you to help in a sing-a-long.” He threw a look over at Percy whose eyes widened.

“Absolutely not. How do you even know what I sound like singing!?” He cried.

Will grinned, “I’ve heard you softly singing when you're around the infirmary helping out.”

Percy groaned and shook his head, the looks he was getting from other campers and some gods made him think he was going to be pulled into singing.

We sang new home.

“Way to be ominous, Perce.” Conner snorted.

Dionysus sighed, “This chapter is finally over. Who wants the book?”

Pollux smiled, “I’ll take it.” He opened it and began reading.


Tumblr is Mirzamsaiph

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