Celebrate Earth Day With A More Sustainable Lifestyle (2023)

Earth Day is coming up this Saturday! Founded in 1970, Earth Day is a time for us to reflect on our environmental impact as a species and to consider the benefits of adopting more sustainable practices. The food we eat, the things we buy, the ways we move through the world and shape the environment around us: it all matters, it all adds up. Each of us can play a role in making this a greener, healthier planet.

For this year’s Earth Day celebration, we want to shine a spotlight on sustainability. What can we do as individuals to live more efficiently and eco-consciously?

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Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

We often talk about being more eco-conscious in the language of “sacrifice.” We have to “make cuts,” we have to “scale back.” The truth is, though, that a more ecological way of life can enhance your life and make it better in tangible ways—especially when it comes to your pocketbook. Making your home more energy efficient can save you money while also helping to lower pollutant levels and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

There are a few things you can do around the house that will “green” it while also lowering your utility bills:

  • Swap out your incandescent light bulbs for LED bulbs (which can last for 15-20 years!).
  • Use more washable rags to cut down on your paper towel consumption.
  • Bare windows can heat up your home and make your A/C work overtime. Cool it down with window treatments like curtains, shades, and blinds.
  • House plants can add a splash of lush greenery to your surroundings while also converting CO2 into oxygen and improving the overall air quality.
  • Wash your clothes and dishes at night. Your big appliances use up less energy when they run on the electric company's "off-peak hours." Check with your provider to find out what their off-peak times are.
  • Speaking of appliances: go for big loads of laundry and dishes over small ones. Doing one or two big loads a week is going to consume less energy than if you do a bunch of small ones throughout the week.
  • Plugged-in appliances that aren't being used can still run up your electric bill over time. One easy way to combat these "vampire appliances" is to use power strips to make it easier to switch them on and off.

You may have noticed that we didn’t mention the biggest change you can make to your home: going solar. While converting to solar energy can be one of the most effective things you can do to green your home and can save you a lot of money in the long run, the initial costs for installing solar panels can be expensive. It’s a worthwhile investment if you can afford it (especially if you live in a desert state with ample exposure to bright sunlight), but it’s definitely not something to be undertaken lightly.

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Get Wise With Your Water

Aside from energy consumption, one of our biggest individual footprints on the environment is our water usage. It’s important to not waste this precious resource: droughts, water scarcity, and tapped-out lakes and aquifers are a real problem. We all have to do our part to use water wisely so that neighbors and the flora and fauna around us get their fair share, too.

A few ways to get water-wise include:

  • Don’t let your faucets drip! This wastes more water than you think.
  • Get a water purifier/filter. Not only will you save money - no more bottled water to buy - you also won’t waste all that plastic.
  • If you live in an area with lots of rainfall, collect rainwater. If you have a garden or landscaping, a few buckets of rain water can go a long way toward keeping your plants hydrated and happy. Just make sure the water is clean and purified if you’re going to use it for bathing, cleaning, or cooking.
  • Opt for a wild lawn. Fine cut grass may look nice but it consumes an immense amount of water and takes a lot of work to maintain. Take out the grass and let the local plant life "reclaim" the soil. With a little maintenance it can look just as good and you won't have to feed it nearly as much water since the plants have evolved over generations to get what they need from this local environment.
  • Check for leaks in your toilets. An easy way to do this is to put a few drops of food coloring into the tank of your toilet. Check the tank a half hour later: if that color is in the bowl, you have a leak.
  • Don't let the water run when you brush your teeth and take shorter showers.
  • It may seem counterintuitive but a dishwasher- on average- uses less water than hand washing dishes.
  • Do you need to dump ice building up in your freezer? Throw those cubes on your plants!
  • Pre-treat the stains on very dirty clothes so you don’t have to wash them in a second consecutive load of laundry (a bit of white vinegar and club soda can work wonders!).

Eat Less Meat

If you’re a dedicated carnivore, this one can be tricky. The science, however, is undeniable: eating less red meat and other factory livestock can reduce greenhouse emissions and have a major positive impact on the environment. While the ethical ramifications of eating meat is certainly worth pondering, the environmental impact of the meat industry is less ambiguous: the amount of water and deforestation that’s needed to sustain livestock herds is tremendous.

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It doesn’t mean that you have to become a vegetarian or a vegan tomorrow. It is worth examining how much meat you can consume and finding ways to make it an occasional treat as opposed to a daily staple in your diet. And before you say “where will I get my proteins,” don’t forget that there are non-meat food items that can give you a more-than-adequate amount of protein. These include:

  • Edamame
  • Tofu
  • Seitan
  • Tempeh
  • Lentils Beans (kidney, black, pinto, and chickpeas)
  • Green peas
  • Spirulina
  • Quinoa
  • Soy milk
  • Wild rice
  • Oatmeal
  • Nuts
  • Broccoli
  • Asparagus
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Guava
  • Bananas
  • Blackberries

Reuse & Recycle

Go to any junkyard or landfill and you will see how much waste we go through as a species. So much of it is packaging, broken electronics, old clothes, and other cast-off items. One of the most effective ways you can go “green” is to be smarter about what you buy and hold onto. Don’t discard your phone or laptop to chase the latest piece of technology if they’re still good to go. You’re often better off repairing and extending the life of your appliances than replacing them as soon as they show signs of age (especially if the repairs cost less than 50% of its original value). Need to update your wardrobe? Check secondhand and vintage stores to see if you can find something that suits your style.

As to the question of whether or not to recycle: it does make an impact, but you have to be diligent about it. Make sure you clean your recyclables before tossing them in the proper bin, and keep non-recyclables out of them. If you have room in your home for a compost bin, consider making that a part of your recycling routine. Composting your food waste helps nourish and replenish soil; it’s a great way to fertilize the land and give back to nature while also getting rid of unwanted foodstuff and leftovers.

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Change Your Commute

It’s hard to live car-free in America unless you live in a major city with around-the-clock, easy to access public transportation. There are still ways you can travel that can help reduce the serious environmental impact our car culture has on the earth’s atmosphere.

  • Foot or pedal power. If you can walk within a reasonable time frame to your destination, consider using this opportunity to get closer to hitting that 10,000 steps a day count. A bike can be an affordable alternative to a car, especially if you live close enough to your job and/or other community centers.
  • Carpool. Finding co-workers or friends to share rides with is a great way to put less vehicles on the road and also lets you get quality facetime with the people in your life while you commute.
  • Public transportation. Buses, trains, shuttles, and light rail can be viable options if their schedules and routes align with your needs.
  • Group your errands. Havea bunch of stuff to do in a day? Knock them out in one drive rather than making multiple fuel-burning expeditions across town.
  • Get an eco-friendly car. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, consider buying one with better gas mileage, going electric, or getting a hybrid car.
  • You could also help ameliorate your environmental footprint by purchasing carbon offset credits.

Grow Your Own Food

Growing your own food means less trips to the grocery store, less commuting, and also enriching your local environment. This option may seem out of reach if you live in an apartment, but you don’t need a backyard to garden. Find a community garden near you; you might even be able to find a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm near you that’ll let you grow and work with them. Growing your own veggies and fruits takes time but the long-term environmental, personal health, and financial benefits are worth it. You can even grow mints and other herbs indoors and on balconies with the right preparation.

Article by Austin Brietta


Celebrate Earth Day With A More Sustainable Lifestyle? ›

That's why each year on April 22, more than a billion people celebrate Earth Day to protect the planet from things like pollution and deforestation. By taking part in activities like picking up litter and planting trees, we're making our world a happier, healthier place to live.

How can we be sustainable on Earth Day? ›

  1. 1) Reduce plastic waste in your kitchen. ...
  2. 2) Be mindful of your cleaning products. ...
  3. 3) Get a home energy score. ...
  4. 4) Circulate the air inside your home. ...
  5. 5) “Greenify” your home office. ...
  6. 6) A tried-and-true Earth Day tip: conserve energy within your home by turning off lights.
Mar 29, 2023

How should we celebrate Earth Day? ›

That's why each year on April 22, more than a billion people celebrate Earth Day to protect the planet from things like pollution and deforestation. By taking part in activities like picking up litter and planting trees, we're making our world a happier, healthier place to live.

What is theme of Earth Day 2023? ›

The theme of World Earth Day 2023 is "Invest in Our Planet", calling for businesses to shift towards sustainable practices.

What is Earth sustainability examples? ›

Life below water: Avoiding the use of plastic bags to keep the oceans clean. Life on land: Planting trees to help protect the environment. Responsible consumption and production: Recycling items such as paper, plastic, glass and aluminum. Sustainable cities and communities: Biking, walking or using public ...

What are the best sustainable practices? ›

Reduce, reuse, and recycle are the core principles of wise resource use. Deploying these principals preserves and protects natural resources by reducing landfill waste, energy consumption, and pollution.

What are three things you can do for Earth Day? ›

10 Ways to Honor Earth Day Every Day
  • Follow the 3 R's. Look for ways you can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle throughout your home. ...
  • Conserve energy at home. ...
  • Reduce paper waste and junk mail. ...
  • Recycle your electronics. ...
  • Give your car a break. ...
  • Turn off the tap. ...
  • Replace your bulbs. ...
  • Bring your own bags to the store.

How do you make Earth Day activities? ›

Check out our list of the best upcycled crafts for Earth Day or any day, and give some of them a try!
  1. 1. Make wildflower seed bombs. ...
  2. Create nature wreaths. ...
  3. Construct a bug hotel. ...
  4. 4. Make a quilt. ...
  5. Use magazines to create a bowl. ...
  6. Create Earth moss balls. ...
  7. Create a hanging garden. ...
  8. Upcycle trash into flower art.
Mar 13, 2023

Why do you think it is important to celebrate Earth Day? ›

Since its inception in 1970, Earth Day continues to grow as a worldwide phenomenon focused on promoting clean living and a healthy, sustainable habitat for people and wildlife alike. Celebrating Earth Day serves as a conscious reminder of how fragile our planet is and how important it is to protect it.

What is the importance for Earth Day? ›

We celebrate mother earth on April 22 each year with 'World Earth Day,' which marks the anniversary of the 1970 Modern Environmental Movement. The day aims to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote conservation efforts to protect our planet.

Why should we celebrate Earth? ›

It portrays the beauty of life or a bitter reality. It records history, revolutions, rebellions, and sometimes is a means to escape them. In short, there is no history or culture without art. This day celebrates all forms of art — paintings, sculpture, photography, architecture, music, and more.

What is the message of World Earth Day? ›

World Earth Day is observed annually on 22 April to create awareness among people about the environmental protection. Every year the day is celebrated under a specific theme. This year, the theme of World Earth Day 2023 is “Invest in Our Planet."

What are the 3 pillars of Earth Day theme? ›

World Earth Day 2023 Theme
  • WED 2021 theme: Restore Our Earth.
  • WED 2020 theme: Climate Action.
  • WED 2019 theme: Protect Our Species.
  • WED 2018 theme: End Plastic Pollution.
  • WED 2017 theme: Environmental & Climate Literacy.

What are 3 examples of sustainable living? ›

Here are a few of the examples of sustainable living.
  • Stopping the use of plastics. ...
  • Reducing household energy use and the utilization of renewable energy. ...
  • Finding creative ways of reusing everything. ...
  • Cooking food by yourself and eating locally. ...
  • Conserve water. ...
  • Depend less on your car, drive green.

What are the 3 principles of sustainability examples? ›

Therefore, sustainability is made up of three pillars: the economy, society, and the environment. These principles are also informally used as profit, people and planet.

What are 3 ways we can improve sustainability? ›

  • Think twice before shopping.
  • Make sure your big purchases have big environmental benefits.
  • Go #PlasticFree.
  • Boycott products that endanger wildlife.
  • Pay attention to labels.
  • Be water wise.
  • Drive less, drive green.
  • Green your home.

What are 4 sustainable practices? ›

The term sustainability is broadly used to indicate programs, initiatives and actions aimed at the preservation of a particular resource. However, it actually refers to four distinct areas: human, social, economic and environmental – known as the four pillars of sustainability.

What are the 7 key areas of sustainability? ›


Infrastructure Imperatives, Carbon Management, Green Energy, Circular Economy, Environment Conservation, Water Conservation and Energy Efficiency.

What are four ways to celebrate Earth Day? ›

1 Walk or ride your bike. 2 Go on a nature walk. 3 Plant a tree. 4 Pick up litter in your community.

What are 100 ways to save the environment? ›

100 Things You Can Do to Save the Planet
  • Shop at thrift stores: great prices, your purchase usually supports a good organization: this is “Reuse” part of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”
  • Drive the speed limit.
  • Consider buying or renting a smaller house/apartment. ...
  • Walk your kids to school.
  • Carpool whenever you can.

What are the 3 most important things on earth? ›

The most important three things in the world are faith, hope, and charity. Faith is not the power to bend God's will to ours, but rather the power to align our will with His. Answers do not always come in the time frame and way we expect.

What are some traditions on Earth Day? ›

Unique Earth Day Traditions To Start as a Family
  • Think Outside the Tree. A garden is a great year-round way to get kids to think about the environment. ...
  • Start a Neighborhood or School Recycling Program. Try a recycling drive every Earth Day. ...
  • Make a Green Pact — as a Family. ...
  • Make an Earth-Friendly Dinner.

What can children do for Earth Day? ›

Earth Day activities for the classroom
  • Connect with nature. ...
  • Organize an Earth Day scavenger hunt. ...
  • Hang birdseed ornaments. ...
  • Build an insect hotel. ...
  • Grow a love for plants with seed jars. ...
  • Build a cardboard tube bird feeder. ...
  • Clean up a science experiment. ...
  • Teach students to recycle.
Apr 7, 2021

What are environmental activities? ›

What are Environmental Activities? Environmental Activities are activities that promote awareness on how to care for the planet. reduce pollution, clean up the environment, teach recycling, composting and using natural materials and resources.

How has Earth Day positively impacted the environment? ›

Earth Day 1970 led to the passage of landmark environmental laws in the United States, including the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts and the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Why should we protect our environment? ›

Healthy ecosystems clean our water, purify our air, maintain our soil, regulate the climate, recycle nutrients and provide us with food. They provide raw materials and resources for medicines and other purposes. They are at the foundation of all civilisation and sustain our economies.

What are 5 ways to stop global warming? ›

Want to help stop global warming? Here are 10 simple things you can do and how much carbon dioxide you'll save doing them.
  • Change a light. ...
  • Drive less. ...
  • Recycle more. ...
  • Check your tires. ...
  • Use less hot water. ...
  • Avoid products with a lot of packaging. ...
  • Adjust your thermostat. ...
  • Plant a tree.

What is the slogan for Save the earth? ›

4 Best Slogans on Save Earth

Nurture Nature. Go Green and Save Green. Cut down a tree, cut down life. Pollution is never a solution.

Why should we take care of the earth essay? ›

Earth and the resources of earth make life possible on it. If we were to imagine our lives without these resources, that would not be possible. As life cannot function without sunshine, air, vegetation, and water. However, this is soon going to be our reality if we do not save the earth now.

How do you explain Earth Day to preschoolers? ›

It's a day to remind us to take care of our Earth. We reflect on our planet, our environment, and learn what we can do to help keep the Earth healthy. With our fun and educational activiites children will learn about the three Rs for taking care of our Earth: Recycle, reuse, and reduce.

What is the theme of this year's Earth Day? ›

EARTHDAY.ORG (EDO), the global organizer of Earth Day and largest recruiter of the environmental movement worldwide, announced today the launch of 'Earth Week' in honor of this year's theme: Invest in Our Planet.

What is the lesson of The Pillars of the Earth? ›

Lesson Summary

The Pillars of the Earth explores themes of power in the form of monarchy, feudalism, and patriarchy. Within that struggle inspires themes of revenge, often via the idea that the ends justify the means.

How can we reduce waste on Earth Day? ›

  1. Bring your own bags to the store.
  2. Buy food in bulk, not individual servings.
  3. Put leftovers and bag lunches in reusable containers.
  4. Cut back on fast-food meals – they pollute more than your arteries!
  5. Use mugs rather than styrofoam cups for hot drinks.
  6. Use cloth towels and napkins, washable utensils, etc.

How can sustainability save the earth? ›

By focusing on the changes we can make now to help our future, we can sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, reverse land degradation and put a stop to biodiversity loss. This goal aims to conserve all forms of life on land, from humans to the very last insect. Thus, saving the precious life on our planet.

How to honor the Earth? ›

Clean up in and around it. Write letters to officials and newspapers on issues that affect it. In its honor, include in your daily prayers petitions to alleviate the sufferings of dying plants and trees, polluted rivers and oceans, and toxic lands. Invite some bugs into your house for an evening.

How can we make the Earth happy? ›

10 Things You Can Do to Help Save the Earth
  1. Conserve Water. The little things can make a big difference. ...
  2. Be Car-conscious. If you can, stay off the road two days a week or more. ...
  3. Walk, Bike or Take Public Transit. ...
  4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. ...
  5. Give Composting a Try. ...
  6. Switch to LEDs. ...
  7. Live Energy Wise. ...
  8. Eat Sustainable Foods.

How can we celebrate Earth Day at home? ›

write companies and businesses:
  1. switch your energy: Up first, let's talk about energy. ...
  2. eat more plants: It's no secret that eating a plant-based diet is one of the easiest ways to have a positive impact on the environment. ...
  3. divest! ...
  4. support ecocide law: ...
  5. compost: ...
  6. save water: ...
  7. documentary: ...
  8. strike:
Apr 21, 2020

What are some ways to lead a green focused lifestyle? ›

Want to make your life more environmentally friendly? Here's 30 ways
  • Recycle. Recycling conserves natural resources, reduces pollution and saves energy. ...
  • Turn down the bag. ...
  • Buy only what you will use. ...
  • Buy second hand. ...
  • Don't invest in idle equipment. ...
  • Donate used goods. ...
  • Buy products with less packaging. ...
  • Avoid disposable products.
Jun 17, 2019

What are 5 sustainable actions we can take to fix our environment? ›

Things you can do to help the environment
  • Reduce energy use. Adopt energy-saving habits. ...
  • Change the way you think about transportation. Walk or bike whenever possible. ...
  • Insulate your home. ...
  • Make every drop count. ...
  • Cool wash and hang to dry. ...
  • High efficiency appliances. ...
  • Switch to "green power" ...
  • Recycle.
Nov 30, 2015


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